Louis Tomlinson's Little Sister!

Hey, I'm Kiera, a normal girl who goes out with Harry Styles, my brother is older than me and his name is Louis Tomlinson. My best friend, who is like a sister, is called Lexii Horan, one of her brothers is Niall Horan and the other is called Josh, yes they are all Irish, and funnily enough, Lex fancies a certain boy and mate who is Mr Zayn Malik. My brother goes out with one of our friends called Eleanor. Liam doesn't have any relation to us but he's one of our mates. We all live in Doncaster, even though some of us aren't from here, me and Lou are. We are all really good friends and spend a lot of time together, but there are some faults in our lives and relationships.


19. Chapter 18- phone call

Niall's P.O.V:

For a change I was up quite early, if you call nine o'clock early that is. I have no reason why either because usually I sleep like a log, if a burglar was in the house and smashed it up, I probably wouldn't even know. I was just sat in the front room on the sofa with a bowl of cereal watching TV, when what Lexii said the other day to Kiera, about the fact she hasn't told her parents about her engagement, popped into my head, she should really cause they might get mad or something. I just shrugged and forgot about it, it wasn't bothering me, not really my problem either, so I carried on eating my cereal. About half hour later, I finished watching my programme, I heard Kiera shouting, I ran upstairs to see what was up. She was on the phone but I don't know who to. She was proper pissed off with whoever was on the phone which was now on the floor because she threw it in anger. "Hey, Ki what's all this about?" I questioned her. "My parents had a go at me for getting engaged to Harry because they think he is wrong for me, in total they don't like him that much. They also have said they aren't going to the wedding whenever it is because I'm marrying Harry. I love him and they cant accept that, they also think I am to young to marry!" I picked the phone up from the floor and placed it on the bed, then slouched down the wall next to her on the floor. "They cant tell you how to live your life, if they don't want to come its their loss because they are going to miss the best wedding around." She looked up and smiled at me, even though by now she was tearing up because of frustration and the fact she had an argument with her parents. "Cheer up and calm down, where's Harry?" I said patting her knee and wiping her tears away. "Gone to the shops to get some more milk or something." she replied with, I nodded. By this time Zayn and Lex had rushed to the door, Louis, Ash, El and Liam shortly followed. "What the fuck. What's happened." Lex said curiously rushing over to her side, and crouching to her height on the floor. Everyone else came in the room. While Kiera explained, I went to get a cup of tea for her. They must of got the news by now because as I walked down the stairs I could hear a load of ranting and raving going on. "Mr Styles is back in the building" Harry yelled waltzing through the door. "Morning Niall." "Alright, um just to let you know, Kiera's really pissed off, she's in your room." He handed me the milk. "Cheers Nialler." "S'alright mate." I knew what was going on so I just left them all to it. When Kiera finished explaining, Harry wasn't to impressed either, probably a bit hurt about what Ki's parents thought of him, and because of what her parents have said to her to. I got bored down stairs so I went back up to see if the atmosphere was the same, when I got there everyone was outside the closed door except from Kiera and Lex, they were in her room. They were just waiting outside the door so I said "Go away, she obviously don't want you to hear what their talking about." They just rolled their eyes in sync and split in different directions. As for me, I joined Harry and Zayn who were talking about what Kiera's parents said, and how out of order it was.

Lexii's P.O.V:

"Why would you even ask that?" "I don't know, its just, mums have a mothers instinct and what if that's right, what if Harry is wrong for me?" she said looking at me with shiny eyes filled with tears. "Ki I cant believe your re thinking this. You love Harry and Harry loves you, don't let what your parents say break it up. They probably acted that way to make you like this, to make you think Harry is wrong."  I pointed out. "You've planned your wedding, don't let a few comments ruin it. "I suppose, I want to marry Harry, and if my parents don't want to see that then they don't have to. Cheers." She said and sniffed, she then hugged me. "Its ok, come on clear yourself up, come down when your done, we got breakfast." She nodded and finally got of the floor. I opened the door and Niall had his ear against the door and fell to my feet, I just stepped over him and shouted "BREAKFAST!"

Harry followed me not long after I ran down the stairs and sat on the side top, looking confused and a bit down. I looked at him for a while. "What?" he said when he realised I was looking at him. "What's up?" "Nothing." he exclaimed. "I'm gonna stare at you until you tell me, I'm not stupid you know!" He made an over exaggerated sigh and tipped his head back. I have to say he looked like a stroppy teenager, it was quite amusing. "I'm just a bit confused at why Ki's parents think about me like that, what have I actually done?" I walked over and pushed myself up on the side next to him. "Nothing, their being picky because you've haven't done anything wrong. They've always been like it. Don't let it bother you." nodding, he pushed himself of the side and put the kettle on to boil. I went back to my coffee and Weetabix at the table. I decided to go back to my old house to get some more clothes, because I actually need to move the rest of my stuff in to my new house (Kiera's house). So I got ready and told Zayn id be back in about 1 hour. He said he'd give me a lift because I would need a car to take some of my stuff, we both left to go to my previous house. In the car the conversation ended up turning to what me and Kiera were talking about but I wouldn't tell him, Harry's his mate, he would tell Harry that Kiera had doubts, which I do not want. 

When we got to my 'ex' house, I got out my keys to get in, but the door was already open. I slowly pushed the door open and peered through the small gap I made with the door, there was ornaments on the floor, stuff scattered on the floor, things from up high on the ground, the sofa moved. I gasped in shock. Zayn saw what was in there as well so he stood  in front of me and opened the door fully. My brother ran down the stairs. "What the hell happened in here Josh, were you burgled?" I shakily said, slowly walking in the house looking around me. My brother laughed and said "No, I had a party." I sighed a relief, part of me over the moon about them not being burgled, the other half thinking about the party, was he allowed it? Where's Mum and Dad? How they hell is he clearing this up? I ended up asking him all these questions and he replied with. "Mum and Dad have gone away for the week, alone time. No I was not allowed it, they didn't know about it. And your gonna help me tidy up!" I actually laughed out loud at the last answer, and ran upstairs getting the rest of my things, Zayn tried to follow to help me but my brother stopped him and asked him a load of questions. "Hey! He's my boyfriend, move out his way." I could see Zayn getting evils making me laugh more. We finished putting the stuff in the car and I hugged and kissed my brother on the cheek, also wishing him good luck with the house. We got back at the house and had arm full's of my items. Harry came out to help, looking even more depressed than earlier. I went in the house and came back out to get a second load. Hazza stopped me. "Why has Kiera got doubts about me an her?" He questioned looking hurt. I turned to him and said sadly "She doesn't have doubts, its just that what her parents said earlier made her think about what if her mum was right about you and her life. But I reassured her that you two are fine. once I cleared It up and she spoke to me, she realised I was right. She's fine now I think." "Okay, her frikin parents!" He said getting annoyed. "Why didn't she talk to me?" "Look, some stuff you don't talk to men about, or your boyfriends, you talk to your mates, girl mates." He sighed again like earlier and grabbed a box, taking it into the house. I felt so bad for them both. Lou obviously knew about this phone call, so when I eventually got into the house, I found Kiera asking him to walk her down the aisle instead of her dad. They both actually had tears in their eyes, they both clearly knew that they went gonna show up so he agreed, which I thought was quite cute. Lou does have a sensitive side, even if he refuses to show it.

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