Louis Tomlinson's Little Sister!

Hey, I'm Kiera, a normal girl who goes out with Harry Styles, my brother is older than me and his name is Louis Tomlinson. My best friend, who is like a sister, is called Lexii Horan, one of her brothers is Niall Horan and the other is called Josh, yes they are all Irish, and funnily enough, Lex fancies a certain boy and mate who is Mr Zayn Malik. My brother goes out with one of our friends called Eleanor. Liam doesn't have any relation to us but he's one of our mates. We all live in Doncaster, even though some of us aren't from here, me and Lou are. We are all really good friends and spend a lot of time together, but there are some faults in our lives and relationships.


18. Chapter 17- Coming home

~~~~~~~~~~~next day~~~~~~~~~~

When my alarm went off at 8:30, I text Kiera good morning, got out of bed in just my Luminous pink boxers with Luminous yellow writing on the arse saying "BOOM!" I rubbed my eyes and grabbed Kiera's dressing gown and flung it on. I opened my door and yelled "WAKE UP, ROADTRIP IN 1 HOUR!! GET YOUR ARSES OUT OF BED!!" Zayn shouted back up from downstairs "MAN IM UP ALEADY, HOW'D YOU FEEL?!" He ran up the stairs banging on Niall's, Louis' and Liam's door. We could hear them moaning in their rooms, so me and Zayn went into each of their rooms and forcefully grabbed their ankles and pulled them through their rooms and out into the upstairs hallway. Around an hour later we were ready. Zayn drove his car with Niall in the front, I drove Louis' car with Liam in the back and Louis in the front. We worked it this way so on the way back we could, ya know, be with our girlfriends. We got petrol at the garage, and some drinks and food for the journey. We officially set of and the time flew.

Ashley's P.O.V:

Lex and Kiera were up and ready with their cases packed, me and El didn't realise the time so we leapt out of bed and threw some clothes on and messily stuffed our cases with our clothes. The boys would be here in about ten minutes, we knew that because Kiera and Lex both got texts from Zayn and Harry. Ten minutes later, Lex got a shock and ran to Zayn who was in the door way shouting "VAS HAPPENIN?!" With his arms out to the side, Lex just rushed over and hugged him, he then wrapped his arms around her and moved out the way of the door. The rest of the boys barged in, Kiera ran to Harry as expected, and jumped at him. Louis strolled to El with his arms out, and Niall just slowly appeared behind Liam who was in the doorway with a subway bag in his hands. I ran to Niall and hugged him and smiled at him, he smiled back.

Liam's P.O.V:

I was just there in the door way looking at the floor cause I didn't know where to look. Lex and Zayn had their tongues down each others throats, Harry and Kiera the same, Louis and El were just kissing and Niall and Ash were hugging behind me. "HEY" I shouted. They instantly looked up and Louis said "Oh yea sorry mate, lets get going." "Cheers mate" I said looking at him through half closed eyes. Zayn picked up Lexii's bag, Harry picked up Kiera's, Louis picked up El's and Niall picked up Ashley's and took them downstairs to the cars. Niall only just passed his test but Louis let him drive his car, I drove Zayn's car with Kiera, Harry, Lex and Zayn, and the rest in Louis' car. The journey was ok, except from the cheesy talking and complements that were being passed from Zayn to Lex, and Ki to Harold. It dragged, badly. When the two cars pulled up outside our house, we piled out the car because we didn't take a pit stop and walked about and stretched like there was no tomorrow. We all just dragged the bags along the floor  into the house instead of carrying them because we had no energy. Kiera an Lex waited outside with her dress, she ran straight upstairs to put it away in Lexii's room, because Harry would see it otherwise. They ran down the stairs and we all just flopped on the sofa, "I missed you so much its unreal" Zayn said to Lex. "I missed you to babe." She said grabbing his hand and laying down on his chest. "Baby I missed you to." Harry said to Kiera, "Aww babe, I missed you to."

"Lets get an Indian. I'm hungry." Niall said breaking the 'cheesiness'. "Yea ok, I'm quite hungry actually." Lex said. "You can tell your related." Zayn chuckled. Kiera ran to the kitchen to get a menu, Harry phoned the Restaurant and got them to deliver. We picked a film to put on when the food arrived which was surprisingly quick. We dished our food out and sat on the sofa and put on 'The inbetweeners Movie.' 

Kiera's P.O.V:

We watched the movie and laughed our heads off. We especially laughed when Lexii walked out of the room because Jay was masturbating at the beginning. Lexii is a bit squeamish when it comes to things like that even though her and Zayn are at it like rabbits almost every night. Anyway we ate our food and I could feel myself drifting off so I whispered to Louis "Lou do you want to see my dress?" He looked at me weird then nodded, probably exited to see his sisters wedding dress. I grabbed his arm and dragged him upstairs to Lexii and Zayn's room and made him wait in the hall while I put the dress and my veil on. After about 5 minutes I let him in and his face lit up. "Oh my God Ki! You look gorgeous!" And I swear to God he actually had tears in his eyes. I gave him a hug and told him not to cry and he pulled away "Biatch I- Louis The Tommo Tomlinson- do not cry capeish?!" I laughed at him and nodded. "Right, get out! I'm going to bed!" He nodded and tried to take a picture but I slapped him around the head and said "NO PICTURES! YOU WILL SHOW HARRY AND I WONT HAVE THAT!" He replied with "Fine!" he walked out and I put my pyjamas and put my dress away and went into my room and flopped onto my bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep. I stirred as I felt the other side of the bed sink with Harry's weight. He wrapped his arms around me, kissed my neck and nuzzled his head into my neck and was drifting asleep there.

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