Louis Tomlinson's Little Sister!

Hey, I'm Kiera, a normal girl who goes out with Harry Styles, my brother is older than me and his name is Louis Tomlinson. My best friend, who is like a sister, is called Lexii Horan, one of her brothers is Niall Horan and the other is called Josh, yes they are all Irish, and funnily enough, Lex fancies a certain boy and mate who is Mr Zayn Malik. My brother goes out with one of our friends called Eleanor. Liam doesn't have any relation to us but he's one of our mates. We all live in Doncaster, even though some of us aren't from here, me and Lou are. We are all really good friends and spend a lot of time together, but there are some faults in our lives and relationships.


14. Chapter 14- fair

Louis' P.O.V:

I felt the same as what I did the other day when we had hangovers. Another day just like that was going to happen. The house was silent until I heard a noise and quickly turned around to see 2 random people scram out of my bedroom door. I just looked at my door after they closed it for a couple of seconds with a confused look on my face. My headache wasn't as bad as the other day so I slowly but surly got out of bed and staggered downstairs to get some coffee. I heard footsteps on the flooring upstairs and then people trampling down the stairs doing exactly what I was doing, getting coffee, except the first person to come down the stairs tripped and fell on her face, that's when I knew it was Kiera. I ran to the bottom of the stairs to see if she was ok and I found her in a pile at the bottom of the stairs with Harry crouched next to her holding his sides in fits of laughter, but at the same time trying to help but was failing. When he had finished hysterically laughing, he picked Kiera's hand up and pulled her up to her feet and helped her into the front room. She sat down whilst Harry got them both some coffee. We must be getting used to hangovers because we drunk more last night than ever before and felt pretty much fine. Still drinking coffee, we decided what to do for the day, we didn't want to stay in for the day again so we decided to go out to the fair. We finished our drinks and went back upstairs to get ready.

Kiera's P.O.V:

After my rather embarrassing fall down the stairs we went upstairs and got ready. About an hour later we came down the stairs I decided, as its near the end of October, to wear my grey Donald duck jumper, my coral pink jeans and my grey vans. I threw my hair in a messy pony tail and put a turquoise ribbon where the bubble holds the pony tail and my geek style glasses. Lexii wore a grey sweatshirt with black high wasted jeans and her grey nike blazers. She had her hair in her natural curls.

Harry was on his way up the stairs with four suitcases, "Who's are they?" I asked. He looked at me and a smirk appeared on his lips, "Well baby, Louis asked me, Lex, Zayn and Eleanor to move in. So I guess we'll be sharing a room" and he winked at me and put the suitcases in the appropriate rooms. My eyes widened and a grin appeared on my face. Lexii said with a squeal "Oh my god Ki! I'm gunna be sharing a room with Zayn! I'm gonna be living with him!" I just laughed at her and carried on down the stairs to be joined a few minutes later by Harry. Everyone else came down the stairs and we grabbed our coats if we wanted them and headed out the door. Eleanor hadn't moved in yet, she was coming later on in the week, but Ashley was here so in total there was eight so in the car I sat on Harry's lap obviously, Lex-Bug on Zayn's, Ash on Niall's, Liam in the front and Louis driving. Its illegal but we've done it many times before.

Lexii's P.O.V:

We sped of to the fair, illegally but I haven't been to a fair in a long time so I was excited. When we arrived, we brought wrist bands so we could go on rides unlimited amounts of times,  the boys and Kiera instantly looked at the biggest ride here, Harry pulled Kiera towards it, Niall persuaded Ash to go on it, Louis and Liam were waiting there already, I wasn't sure because I have a fear of big rides, Zayn could see I was agitated and said it would be fine and he'd be on it with him, he took my hand and tugged it and looked at the ride, then at me with puppy eyes and put his bottom lip out making me laugh. "Ok, fine. Your holding my hand the whole way though, ok?" He smiled and agreed. Both of us ran over to the others and got in our seats. Harry and Kiera in front of us in the same cart,  and Louis and Liam, Ash and Niall in another cart. As we made it to the first steep incline, I put a brave face on but I was scared, the cart chugged up the incline and went round a bend. I closed my eyes and tightened my grip on Zayn's hand again, he said "its ok, don't be scared." I opened my eyes at the wrong time because it was at the point where it was just tipping over the edge to speed down the track. I screamed my head of whist everyone else was laughing and screaming in a good way. A bit into the ride I realised it wasn't that bad and started to enjoy myself. We were flung about everywhere and by the end I was most probably bruised all along my arms, same with Zayn and everyone else. The ride came to an end and I said to Zayn "It wasn't as bad as I thought." he smiled and replied "see I said It would be fine."

Ride after ride we went on and the darkness soon came quickly so we left. We headed back home. sounds weird saying home. I live there now, with Zayn and all my friends. Not bad!


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