Louis Tomlinson's Little Sister!

Hey, I'm Kiera, a normal girl who goes out with Harry Styles, my brother is older than me and his name is Louis Tomlinson. My best friend, who is like a sister, is called Lexii Horan, one of her brothers is Niall Horan and the other is called Josh, yes they are all Irish, and funnily enough, Lex fancies a certain boy and mate who is Mr Zayn Malik. My brother goes out with one of our friends called Eleanor. Liam doesn't have any relation to us but he's one of our mates. We all live in Doncaster, even though some of us aren't from here, me and Lou are. We are all really good friends and spend a lot of time together, but there are some faults in our lives and relationships.


27. A/N

HI TWIXES! Okay so this next chapter is going to be the last chapter of 'Louis Tomlinson's Little Sister!' :( me and Kira (Lexii) have really enjoyed writing it and we are sad to end it...BUT (There is always a but!) We will be writing a sequel! I'm not really sure what to call it yet so feel free to suggest any ideas! SO, because chapter 26 is our last chapter I thought I would make it a long one.

~Kiera xx 

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