One and Only Ava

Hello my name is Ava Malik I'm Zayn sister I get into trouble a lot Like with the police , in school , at home with my parents. What will happen when One Direction comes and lives with me and my parents? Read to find out!


1. Introduction to Ava Malik

-Ava's Pov-


Yo whats up my name is Ava Malik i live with my Mum and dad my brother left to sign up for the x-factor im so mad at him because he didn't even say goodbye thats what brothers do to you , they say goodbye to your parents but not his own sister I fucking hate him ... So I woke up and I looked around my bedroom is a mess I am 17 years old I know girls like my age they keep there rooms neat and tidy but  not me.  I went to have a shower and wore this today : 

Today i thought i might take my motorbike not my car , my car is very posh I don't wanna gomto school and think I'm posh up bitch i wont really like that. I done my make up , i walked downstairs and my mum saw me and looked away ,this happens all day ,  my dad then spoke up " Ava we gotta tell you something". "Alright but make it super fast". I said with an annoyed voice , they both looked at me mum spoke said "you will have to put your act together , youyr brother is coming with bis band mates i want you on your good behaviour when they arrived tonight after when yoy come home understand". I was now furious i started shouting "Are you mad mum and dad , after what he has done to me not fucking saying goodbye , my parents are fucking mad omg". "Dont speak to us like that Ava". My dad said  so i said " whatever im going to school , when i come back dont make me talk". I stormed out and saw all the boys from my school and i put my helmet on and turned on the motorbike i gave so much power to it and speed off and saw the police chasing  but then i lost them , i locked up my bike.



I took of my helmet and put it on my bike nd staryed walking to my locker and saw everyone talking , but stopped when they saw me and i saw a nerd getting bullied by my ex boyfriend Ashton so i went overand tapped his shoulder and i got grabbed of his colar and said "well your very good at bullying nerds arent you , you need to stop , you changed me so dont think you can chnage everyone bad but thanx for changing NOT". I let go and kicked his stomach.


The bell went i thought i might skip my class , i saw a nerd on my motorbike and i picked her up and said "ever do that again you died got it and get to class before i tell a teacher your not in lesson. I got on my motorbike and speed off home , i cant be bothered with school today ,i statted driving home ,i got my keys and opened tne door i heard talking inthe living room, i put my keys and i still had my helmet , I walked in , i guess saw my brother.


Dad spoke up "Well Ava you going to anything to your brother , why you not in school? , let me guess kicked out and you got chased by police cause ylu was on yoyr bike". "Yup got kicked out , yes i got chased by police but lost them and why would you think i would speak to Zaynafter he left me without a goodbye only to you and mum , wow dad your very thick , everyone go and fuck yourself". Then Zayn got up and said "Dont talk like that to mum and dad , what happened to that little girl". He pointed to the picture everyone turned. I said " your not going to try and make good again ok i can speak to them with my tone whatever i want you werent bere for the rest of my life and didnt even sasy goodbye to mewhen you leftto go to x-factor ,you son of a bitch".


to be contiuned ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


hope you liked this chapter .... I try and update soon , will someone want to be co-author if yes please write why you wanna be my co-author xx 


peace @Erika_1Dxox 

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