One and Only Ava

Hello my name is Ava Malik I'm Zayn sister I get into trouble a lot Like with the police , in school , at home with my parents. What will happen when One Direction comes and lives with me and my parents? Read to find out!


2. Hanging out my brother!!

-Ava's pov-


I woke up to the sun shining through my I bedroom curtains , shit I forgotten to shut them yesterday after what Zayn did to me, my mind is everywere but I don't want to show my soft side ,I might want to say a few things to mum and dad and to Zayn because i need to say my .sorry so I showered and got dressed into this  : 

I went downstairs and saw mum and dad and Zayn awake thats good thatthe other boys are not awake I spoke up "Mum,Dad and Zayn I'm very very truly sorry to how I spoken but when Zayn left there was a part of me missing , so I change bad Im not chnaging back to my good self ok I am truly sorry". Then I looked up and saw Zayn and mum in tears they came over and hugged me and I heard clapping but I just ignored it and mum said "Its oOK we forgive you , I love you so much". " I love you to mum and dad and come here bro". I said and Zayn gave me a big hug.


I really like Harry but I don't think Harry likes a ad girl like me maybe he can change me , no I cant change .... I need to ask Zayn ,I went over to him and pulled him outside I said " I think i like harry but i dont knos if he likes me back you know because you know im emo and bad get into trouble please ask him but dont tell him i talked to you to ask him ok". "Awe my lkittle got a crush on harry". He shouted and i said "keep your voice down will you they might be eardropping".  i started walking back and i unlockedthe door i saw everyone fall on the floor i said facing Zayn "I told you bro , eardropping". I giggled and went to get changed to make my mum happy so i got changed into this  : 

I went downstairs and my mom was very impressed and she hugged me and dad I said "Hello , can't breath do you want me dead or alive". All the boys started laughing ... Then Zayn said something "Lets all go to the beach but mum and dad got wor. Also louis is in charge course he is older".I already got my bikini under here and i think harry has aswell becuase he didnt go get change and he spoke up and asked me " Ava , I heard you liked me so i was wondering um will you um go um on a date with me um if you wanna?". "I love to Harry". I said and kissed his cheek and he said again "before i forget , be ready at 7 sharp , dress casually". I nodded and waited for everyone and i was ready with everything with my bag and surfboard , they came down i gog my car out and they were gob smacked and they hopped in and we started driivng to the beach where nobody knows where i got so i will show Zayn and my ths boys my secret beach place .... We arrived and it was beauitful and the was big waves and i throwed the keys to Louis to lock up and i took of my shorts and top. I ran ans i got on my surf board i went for the biggest one and i saw Liam as well ,i got up and started surfing and doing tricks better Then him because he gave up and i landed on the beach with a front flip. Everyone clapped and bowed , i ran into the water and sawm a bit and i saw someone under the water , i was on harrys shoulder i said " Harry you fuckng scared me , i could of had an heart attack". "Sorry love , i wanted tosee you beautiful face". He sakd and blushed .... He put me down on the sand , i was about to fall but harry caught me and our faces were inches away but i didnt know that he would do this then BAM he kissed t first i was shocked but then i kissed back. 



Hey my little marmallows sorry for a very short chapter i promise tomorrow is going to be  long ....i keep my promises 


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You can ask me When i update or if you wanna talk i dont bite  , i only can follow you on instagram xx love you all xx

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