One and Only Ava

Hello my name is Ava Malik I'm Zayn sister I get into trouble a lot Like with the police , in school , at home with my parents. What will happen when One Direction comes and lives with me and my parents? Read to find out!


4. Halloween Party!!

-Ava's POV-


Yesterday was fantastic , i am a mermaid and vampire , Harry asked me to be his girlfriend over picnic what he has made i love my boyfriend so my mum said to Zayn we can have a Halloween costume party i got the perfect outfit , i can turn into a vampire and be a scary nurse , so i showered and ready to my outfit on becuase i slept in it was now 12 pm and the party is starting at 2 pm , so i quickly got dressed and i turned into my vampire self my outfit looked like this : 

I went downstairs and saw that Liam was dressed as Batman , Zayn as a Vampire and Louis as a carrot oh god and Niall dressed as Jeff the killer also Harry is dressed as a scary doctor with fake fangs and red contacts , Louis said "you nearly got the same outfit awe thats every cute". I blushed and got everything ready for the party , we out on music and moved all the expensive stuff away from the living room and our party is in the living room and outside , first is going to br outside if we gfet cold we go into the living room. 


I heard the doorbell  i opened the door and saw the vamps , 5sos , cherl cole , justin bieber , Jennifer lopez , pit bull , iggy and many more , we started partying but Harry wasnt drunk he knkws how i feel about him drunk he came over me and kissed me on the lips. 


We danced until i got really drunk we started going into pool and i got throwed in by someone i looked at harry and he was worried he shouted " EVERYONE INSIDE NOW FREE DRINKS AND ITS STARTING TO RAIN". Everyone went inside but all 1D boys was here  i dried off but nothing was working . "guess its not working i try again you go and make sure everything is ok inside harry will stay with me". Thye nodded and wrnt back i tried again and it worked and went back to partying. 


Sorry if this chapter is short , i ran out of ideas please comment if you wanna be my co-author and why you wanna be it , give me good ideas if you got some thank you peace out my marshmallows xxx

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