One and Only Ava

Hello my name is Ava Malik I'm Zayn sister I get into trouble a lot Like with the police , in school , at home with my parents. What will happen when One Direction comes and lives with me and my parents? Read to find out!


5. Halloween party part 2 / heartbreaking

-Ava's pov- 



 when someone throwed her into the pool I found out that it was my enemy from collage but I she has messed with the wrong girl ,, I went overto her and ttapped her shoulder , she turned around I lunched her right in the nose , she screamed like a little girl I said "That's what you get when you throw someone in the pool when theybhasvent asked you too, oh yeah who even invited you". She looked at me and she smirked she went "well your amazing boyfriend invited me Harry". I looked at him and k shouted "EVERYONE OUT THE PARTY IS OVER NO MORE PISS OFF EVERYBODY OUT". I couldn't believe thsat Harry would invite my bully and enemy , I might not be able to forgive him for what he has done . 





I went upstairs I showered because I wanted to get out of this Halloween costume cause I didn't like it because nearly every girl was wearing it because One Direction was here and they were trying to impress them butthere dresses were shorter than me you could see the knickers , what sluts. I got ddressed into my pyjamas : 


I went over to the fridge and saw that in the freezer there was my favourite ice cream ,i got it and i watched sad love stories where there is a girl cries because her boyfriend , I cried my eyes while eating ice cream the boys came and saw me but Harry didn't even come up to me at all but i saw the tear stains and his eyes was red, but I didn't care somi spoke up with my shakey voice this will kill me to say "Harry i can't forgive you , you invited my bully and my enemy why would you do that? , YOU AND ME are done". He looked at me shocked and i just ran up to my room and got my hoddie came downstairs and went to the nearest park.


-Harrys pov- 


I really have messed up but i need to explain that she was making me do invite her oh she would have messed Avas life up , how im i going to tell her soon , but i need to put act together , I leave her for today or I might tryand talk to her but maybe she ddoesn't wanna talk to me at me.


I went downstairs and saw that Ava wasn't back so I grabbed my coat I just went out in my slippers I saw sitting my the river crying , I went behind her and hugged her , I really love this girl , "Just hear me out, Amber your enemy/bully , she told me to do this because if i didnt then shenwoild make your life hell but your a mermaid and vampire so you need to be careful i only did it becuase i love you and care". She hugged me and kissed me on lips i showered her the recording and she said "Thank you , im sorry but one of my perals gone black i punched her in the nose if i do anymore bad things my mermaid powers are gone". I nodded i picked her up bridal style thats good that i got beauitful girlfriend back. 



When we got inside i looked down and saw that she was fast asleep , in my arms when i got home , I saw Zayn and he spoke up " She forgave you didnt see and you made her cry she is going to die she is a mermaid". I looked at him shocked , i put Ava on the sofa but she wasnt breasthing we got the van and started driving to the hospital. 

-Skip van ride- 


We have arrived at the special hospital that they are mermaids and Vampires i went inside and they came and i took my fangs out , all 1D were npw vampires because when Ava was mad she bit us , i said "we need help she cried and she is half mermaid and half  vampire , i made a stupid mistake she started crying and when we got home her eyes were closed and she was not breathing please help". One of the doctors came and Said "we can help , im going to give her this this syrup ,she will wake up but after i give her this you need to take her home and make a friend and lay her on the floor in the middle and you guys make a circle and just pray she will wake up". We all nodded and he gave her the syrup and we got into the van. We off to go home again , when we arrived we laid her down in the middle and we crowed in a circle like the doctor said and Louis turned on the electrical fire cause he was the closet to it. 



Hope you liked this chapter xx 



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