One and Only Ava

Hello my name is Ava Malik I'm Zayn sister I get into trouble a lot Like with the police , in school , at home with my parents. What will happen when One Direction comes and lives with me and my parents? Read to find out!


3. Going on a date with Harry!

-Ava's pov-

I was so mad at my parents for inviting the boys to stay with us at our house , I looked at my eyes oh great purple that means I am mermaid and then they turned red oh great vampire so half mermaild and half vampire that is just great , I ran out of the house and ran to the nearest beach , jumped into the water , a long rainbow tail appered so did a pearl necklace and lastly a vampire ring so I could protectected from the sunlight but I'm still the bad Ava deep down but not showing it.


 "Well I tink it suits Ava I'm still going on that date with her no matter what". I looked up and smiled and said "Im halfmermaod and half vampire , if I do something bad one of the pearl with go black and I need to keep this ring on if I wanna walk in sunlight almost forgotten you can't make me cry or I die". They nodded there heads and we gone to sore I got dried off and went home got changed for my date with Harry I got dressed into this : 



I went downstairs saw Harry was ready he took my hand he said "you look beautiful". "Why thank you harry you dont look bad yourself". I said then i kissed his cheek ,we headed to the beach i thought why are we going there, he turned off the engine , Harry came over and opened the door , i said my thank you and we walked hand in hand he lied down a blanket and a pinic basket , we started eating and laughing i ran away from him and it was pitch black i couldnt see where Harry was but then i was lifted up by harry and he kissed my lips and i kissed back. He then something that he would never ask on a first date he said "Ava will you be my girlfriend if you wanna?". "Yes of course i wanna be your girlfriend". We started walking to the car and we drove home and i sunggled up to him on the sofa and henrook of my shoesnandnput a blanket over me and him i fell asleep.



Ava's Mermaids eyes : 

Ava's Mermaid necklace : 

Avas mermaid tail : 

Avas eyes when vampire : 

Avas fangs when turning into a vampire : 

Avas ring to protect her from sunlight :  

Hope you liked this chapter ,, next chapter is coming up next , 


Peace out my little marshmallows xx 

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