One and Only Ava

Hello my name is Ava Malik I'm Zayn sister I get into trouble a lot Like with the police , in school , at home with my parents. What will happen when One Direction comes and lives with me and my parents? Read to find out!


6. Ava waking up after a month! x

-Ava's POV-


I started to wake up , When I finally did I saw that all off the boys wee fast asleep. I looked at the calendar and I was shocked I have been out for a month now I cant believe it , but I know who fault that is for making me cry it was Harry I couldn't believe him but he did come and look for me when I was next to the river crying but he knew I wasn't allowed to cry but yet he had to make me cry. He so stupid sometimes and I might be developing feelings for Zayn but he has Perrie and I like her very much I might go and live with my auntie in the castle for away. I went into the kitchen and I cooked everyone some breakfast when they woke up ,they saw who was cooking and Harry didn't even hug me so I said "Harry you and me are just not working out , so please can we just stay best friends". He nodded and he took the plate and went to the cinema room.  I said to the rest of the boys "I am going to live with my auntie in the castle , Yes she is a vampire but she is so sweet , my parents are never home , I know I got you guys but I think I need to change , I want to stay bad for the rest of my life, if you want you can come and live with me". They all nodded and then Louis spoke up saying "Of course Harry is coming in he?". I took a deep breath "Yes he can, but Louis you need to tell him calmly that my auntie doesn't like bad behaviours , but she will only let me be bad because she knows I am emo". He nodded and we ate up and Harry came down all dressed and packed. I went over to him and took the plate and he whispered "I heard we going to live in your aunties castle I cant wait". I giggled that Harry is back to himself.


I went upstairs to have a shower and pack my bags I think the boys did that too. After I finished my bath I got a plastic back and wiped all my shampoos and everything I needed dry and put them in the plastic bag and then into my carry on. I got dressed into this :

I wore this finally I found something , I packed all my clothes in one bag , shoes in the other bag, e.t.c I out my phone and phone charger, laptop , iPod and iPad into my bag and my apple computer I took it into my car and put it on the bag sit ,I ran inside and wrote a note for mum and dad ,got all my bags from my room and it looked empty , Zayn helped me thank god for that to but everything into the boot, I attached a trailer to my car and I pushed my motorbike on to it and locked it safely. I spoke up "Have you got everything?, are you ready?". They all nodded and I got in first and started driving and I think Harry was driving his car and everyone went into there own car , yes Louis has finally got a new car for a long time he hasn't had one , I'm uncle Paul the bodyguard is married to my auntie so One Direction are going to be safe.


-Skip Car Ride-


By the time we have arrived it was midnight , we got our stuff , I saw my auntie and uncle hugged them both and Uncle helped me because I had the most stuff and he connected my computer to the wires and everything he also put the password for the internet , put my guitar next to my night stand , connected my lap to the plug socket , also my charger for my phone , I went into Harrys room and said "Hey Harry you can my laptop , the password is my name ok good night  sleep head". I kissed his forehead. I went back into my room and Uncle Paul said "Your auntie just been in here and she helped me but all your clothes in your walk-in-closet and your shoes in there as well , oh and your auntie put the shampoo's and whatever girls need in the bathroom I put the make-up on the dresser for you". I said "Thank you  Uncle and say thank you to Auntie for doing that for me". He went away and shut the door behind me , I got into my pyjamas that looked like this :




Hello Everyone , I am back sorry I didn't update this book for a long time , I had my mock exams and busy with Christmas and also Homework ,  Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Hope you have a great New Year x 2015 here we come.



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