Raritys life after twilight became a princesse


1. WHY

This is why my life stinks my life is a disaster evrybody keps saying oh twilight i so amazing oh twilight is so much better than that beatufull pony rarity but NO! they want to see more twilight im sick off it i mean what the hey im more beatufull than here i like her and all but STILL! She should thank me.........num num num num sorry im just sooo sad num num num num the next day i woke up made breakfeast then called swetiebell down she loked pretty sad then i said why such a long face swetiebell? then she said ohh nothing i just wish i was like twilight then i said OH SHUT UP WHY DOES EVRYTHING HAVE TO BE ABOUT HERE! Then she said sorry and why do you hate twilight sooooo much? Then i said nothing i dont hate twilight pfh then she said ok then big sis then somepony ringed the door bell .TO BE CONTINUED.

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