That boy (michael clifford)

Lilly Adams Is a 17 pranker when she meets her idol Michael Clifford in a pizza shop will they become friends? Or maybe more? Will Lilly's pranking cause trouble? What happens when Michael has to go back on tour?

Michael Clifford is a 17 year old gamer and pranker and is in a band called 5 seconds of summer Michael goes out to get pizza one day, when he meets this girl at the pizza shop sitting by her self he goes up to her and sits down. And talks with her waiting for his pizza but what happens when he starts to feel something when they start talking he can't possibly like a girl he just met he doesn't know anything about her.


5. readddd

Ok we'll since I have 28 reads here and 2 likes

I'll continue the book here but it might not be good but it's also on watt pad if you want to read ok I'll update chapter two later and pls don't judge the way I write the book or if I put to many spaces that's how I write ok pls fan me and like this story and add it to your reading list ok byeeee little unicorns

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