That boy (michael clifford)

Lilly Adams Is a 17 pranker when she meets her idol Michael Clifford in a pizza shop will they become friends? Or maybe more? Will Lilly's pranking cause trouble? What happens when Michael has to go back on tour?

Michael Clifford is a 17 year old gamer and pranker and is in a band called 5 seconds of summer Michael goes out to get pizza one day, when he meets this girl at the pizza shop sitting by her self he goes up to her and sits down. And talks with her waiting for his pizza but what happens when he starts to feel something when they start talking he can't possibly like a girl he just met he doesn't know anything about her.


6. new life(rewrote)

Lilly's pov

I wake up to the flight attendant shaking me Awake I look at her as she started talking

"Mam it's time to get off the plane were here" She says in a to much of a cheery voice for my Liking I give her a nod and grab myBag from beside me and put my pillow in it

I walk off the plane through the terminal to getMy luggage I didn't bring much only two rolling

Bags which is blue and have cute little blackAnd white penguins on them which is my favoriteAnimal may I add once I see my bags I grab themAnd head to the entrance if I can find it after About 10 minutes I find the entrance and see My aunt dressed in a blue sundress and flipFlops while her brown hairs is pulled up in a bun

Aunty April! I yell when She sees me she runs to me

Gulping me in a hug and kisses I laugh at her And hug her back when she releases Me from her I smile at her shes just two inches taller Than me which makes her 5'8she grabs one of my bags and we walk to her car which happens to be a mini van she unlocks her car and slides the back door open and sets my bags in she pulls the

Door shut and looks at me and starts talking "ready for an Adventure!" My aunt isn't like me she's the "good Girl"

type but she can be fun sometimes and

Not sure what were gonna do I cheerfully say "Yea let's go"as we pile into her mine van

Michaels pov

I woke up to a bright light shinning in

My face and groan i pick up my

Phone to check the time seeing it's

12:38 pm I groan again and get up walkingTo the bathroom to do my business

After combing my hair and using the

Bathroom I walk down stairs and walk

To the cupboard I move stuff around to

Try and find my favorite cereal

A smile appears on my face when I find

It "lucky charms" I read from the red

Box I get the milk out and a bowl and

Spoon and walk to the table I pour my

Bowl of luck charms and put the milk

Up And sit down I dig into my bowl

Downing a big gulp of the tasty cereal

When I finish my bowl I put it in the sinkAnd walk to the lounge to play c.o.d

You would think I would get bored

Of this game seeing that I play it all the

Time but actually it's pretty fun

After a few wins and losses I decide to

Do something today yea doesn't seem

Like I'm me today cause I actually want to do something beside play

video games but it's sunny outside and

And war- actually I'm just wanting to

get food and get some more games and

bug my band members to do something

With me I get up and turn my game off

And walk to my room as I walk towards

My room I stop and knock on my

parents room to tell them I'm going out

after I hear an ok sweetie bye I walk in

My room and to my closet after about 5

minutes I decide to wear ripped black

Skinny jeans and my white idiot shirt

and some black converse after I finish

getting ready I make sure I have my

money and phone and walk out of the

house I close the door behind me and

walk down the street I don't live that

far from the city so it's not that long of

a walk when I get to the video game

shop I decide to but the new c.o.d game

and a Mario game I pay the man the

money and walk out deciding to go to

the park across the street that's empty I

run across the road and to the swing set and swing for about an hour and a half Until I decide to go get food from my favorite Pizza place "the pizza king"


Hi ok I hope you like chapter two and Ik this chapter starts off with chapter two but I rewrote it and Lilly and Michael prob won't meet for another chapter I'm not sure yet and if I get some facts wrong pls don't hate me we'll bye unicorns mwah loves yousss


Ps sorry this books chapters are weird I don't know how to fix them

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