That boy (michael clifford)

Lilly Adams Is a 17 pranker when she meets her idol Michael Clifford in a pizza shop will they become friends? Or maybe more? Will Lilly's pranking cause trouble? What happens when Michael has to go back on tour?

Michael Clifford is a 17 year old gamer and pranker and is in a band called 5 seconds of summer Michael goes out to get pizza one day, when he meets this girl at the pizza shop sitting by her self he goes up to her and sits down. And talks with her waiting for his pizza but what happens when he starts to feel something when they start talking he can't possibly like a girl he just met he doesn't know anything about her.


1. new beginnings

Lilly pov

Hi I'm Lilly Adams and I'm 17

My mom died when I was seven and

I was left with my dad and grandparents

I'm still in high school but I'm moving

To Australia because we'll I got kicked out of

School it wasn't my fault that the principle

doesn't Like hot sauce on toilet seats we'll I live

In Florida and if your wondering why I'm moving

All the way to Australia is because my dad had it

With my behavior so he sent me to live with my

Aunt I'm not a bad kid actually I mean if you

Call pranks bad then yea I'm a bad kid then

We'll I'm on the phone to Australia I don't have

A problem moving there because I actually

Love Australia and was planning on moving there

When I got out of school we'll I'm on the plane

Now and the loud speaker just went off and a

flight attendant come on "attention passengers

The flight 365 to Sydney, Australia will be leaving

In five minutes , thank you for flying have a nice

Flight" the flight attendant says with a fake smile

She looked like she was in her mid 20's I turned

Back to my phone putting my music on and

opening my bag for sleeping pills I had checked

The time zone there and it was night time now

So I decided I wouldn't be a jet lagged when I

Woke up I popped two sleeping pills in my mouth

And took a sip of the water bottle I

had And i leanedAgain the pillow I had and

closed my eyes slowly

Falling asleep listening to Independence Day by

5 seconds of summer


Hi so I'm new to writing fan fiction so pls don't be mad if this isn't that great I u want to comment and tell me some ways I can Improve then feel free and I'm sorry if this is short pls don't hate me but pls follow me and I'll try and update at least once or twice a week ok bye little unicorns mwah

Ps if anyone wasn't to make me a cover comment here and tell me and the cover has to have the name of the book which is that boy and my username which is skyler_the_penguin:D

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