I Wish

the love of his life is dying, and Calum's life is falling apart. can his band save him or is it time they said goodbye too?


1. pancakes


of course, I do not own the rights to the songs, management , band etc, but all other characters and the storyline are my own. I hope you enjoy ☻ 



Calum's POV

why did this have to happen to my baby, my maddie? Why did it have to be her that got hurt by my actions? 




As the boys and their important others are marched through the crowds by management, overexcited fans cluster around our bodies. Suddenly, two gunshots resound through the street. Maddie collapses to the ground, yelling out in pain. 

* * *

as I lay in bed contemplating my life, I hear Mikey calling out "Calum, there's food for you here" 

I can't bring myself to roll out of bed to get my pancakes in this state. I turn back over and think about Maddie, wondering if she'll ever get better.


Luke POV

I am worried about Calum. A month after his girlfriend got shot by a jealous fangirl, he is still acting as if she is dead. I walk into his bedroom, only to find him buried in the sheets with his head in his pillow, sobbing for his life.

"Calum, are you okay?" I ask, knowing the answer. 

"Go away Luke. Leave me to drown in my tears." 

This is the third day in a row that I've asked him, and have always got the same muffled answer. 

I think I will take him to the hospital today to see Maddie. 

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