the grifindor twin and the slytherin

hey, im catlyn heather weasley, and yes im Ron weasly's twin sister. people say im the quietest and most liked weasely, but I don't think so. follow me on the journey of my own, to find love, to know what true friends are and to find out who I really am!!!.


2. chapter 1

Caitlyn's P.O.V.

Its summer break still, but school starts in about a week, I cant wait its my 5th year this year. anyway, at the moment me and my family are at the house of black, or more known as headquarters for the order of the phoenix.

*****half an hour later**********

im laying in my room, when Fred and George decide to pop in,

"hey lil' sis, what's up?" fed asks me

"nothing" I say, sitting up, criss cross

"well meet us on the stairs in a couple minutes alright?" George said/asked.

Fred and George pop back out, and I get up putting my uggs on and walk to the stairs on the landing, as soon as I get there I see Hermione, Fred, George, Harry, Ron and Ginny, standing over a ear, I walk over and join them listening to what there listening to, all of a sudden we hear crookshanks on the other end and we all whisper shout to Hermione's cat to try to stop it grabbing the ear, crookshanks ends up taking the ear and leaving with it as we all look at each other upset.


"kids come on!!!" we hear mum call us from downstairs, we all make our way down there, and as I reach the bottom of the stairs, I see Fred and George pop in behind mum.

she starts shouting "oh just because your allowed to use magic now, does not mean you have to whip your wands out for everything, I walk past mum with Ginny and make my way downstairs, I turn around and look up to mum as Ron walks past her and Ron looks like a little kid facing voldermort.


so this is the first chapter, sorry its so boring, ill get to the point soon I promise, hope you like it, please like, fav and comment what you think, I would love feedback all throughout the book :)

- Crystal X

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