Okay? Okay.

Love, Pain & Hope.
Jasmine has been in love with Louis ever since the X factor started, but she never met him until now. Will everything go as planned or will everyone lose hope?!


2. Today's The Day!!!

Jasmines POV

Sammy slept over and we didn't get to sleep until like quarter to 2 but seeing as we woke up around 10 I think we'll be right!!!!

So first thing we did when we woke up was (besides eating) chose our outfits!! I wore my fave 1D top and my red high waisted shorts paired with my black vans!!

Sammy wore her 1D shirt with her black skirt and Aqua vans, totally cute!! So like 5 minutes later we somehow fit all our 1D merch into our bags and had mum drive us to the meet and greet.

We were there for like 3 hours and 45 mins before the boys came out and man when they came out everyone and I mean EVERYONE FREAKED out, it was amazing!

Louis' POV

The boys and I were ready and pumped to do the meet and greet and when we went out I had a massive adrenaline rush and had the time of my life.

I gave a quick wave to the que and this one girl caught my attention, she was pretty cute if I do say so. She had dark blonde hair and blue eyes, she was wearing her 1D shirt and red high waisted shorts, man it looked good. So we meet a couple of fans and man it was good!!

Jasmines POV

"Sammy, Louis is looking over this way what do I have on my shirt, wait what's on my face wait nev" Sammy cut me off before I could say anything else and said "don't worry there's nothing on you, he's looking at those red shorts they are so AMAZEBALLS!!"

We were finally next in line to meet the boys and I was psyched, Oh My GOD we are walking towards the boys right now and oh my GOD, I'm speechless!!

"Hi boys I'm, I'm, I'm......."

I blacked out

Haii guys,

Please make sure to like and favourite!! Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Jas xxx

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