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Love, Pain & Hope.
Jasmine has been in love with Louis ever since the X factor started, but she never met him until now. Will everything go as planned or will everyone lose hope?!


11. This Is It

Louis' POV

No no no, no no no OH MY GOD. That pig stabbed my life. I can't believe it. The police finally arrive at Jasi's house and they arrested Isabella FINALLY! Anyway I rang Sophie and I felt so terrible for her. She rushed home and cried when she saw Jasi. The ambulance got there and myself and Sophie went with her. I called Sammy and the boys on the way and they were all there by the time we got there.

Visiting hours were over but they let us in.

Even though Jas had only been stabbed in the arm, they still had her on life support. I was devastated and I couldn't hold myself together, so I went and sat in the corner and started crying. All of a sudden Sophie came over and asked what was wrong I told her that it was all my fault that Jasi had gotten stabbed but she said to me "it wasn't your fault Louis. Jasmine loves you otherwise she wouldn't have forgiven you, if she was awake right now she would hug you and kiss you no matter how much pain she was in because she loves you. I know when my daughter is in love and she is now" she really ly is and inspiring woman Sophie.

All of a sudden Luke barged through the doors with Calum, Ashton and Michael running behind him and Luke started to ball his eyes out. His sister was on life support, his mum and Jasmine was all he had.

Luke's POV

This just can't be happening it just can't. My sister is on life support. If this is it I wasn't even there to say the last goodbye. Whoever did this to her is going to pay.

Harry's POV

Everyone is just so sad.

Luke is crying his heart out and is so devastated

Louis is in shock and crying so bad

Sammy is holding her best friends hand waiting for her to come back

Zayn is crying but not letting anyone see him

Calum is trying to keep it together for Luke but his lip is quivering so bad

Michael was so close to Jasmine almost like an older brother and is sitting out in the balcony crying like he never has before

Liam is singing half a heart under his breath

Niall is standing there still crying so bad because he cares for Jasmine because she was always there for him

Ashton is trying to keep it together for his mates and he is singing people help the people by Birdy

Sophie is just trying to help everyone and at the moment she is over with Michael trying to convince him that Jasmine will come back and that her heart is still beating.

I'm just overall really upset.

Sammys POV

It really feels like this is it. Jasmine has been there all my life and helped me thorough everything and I have helped her whenever I could. But I can't do anything now, I can't, all I can do it hold her hand and pray she will wake up.

Michaels POV

I, I, I jus-st can'tt believe that my bbaby girll Jasi pie is in life support.

Louis' POV

I swear I just saw her move, I know it, I go over to her and neal down, hold her hand and whisper in beg ear "Jasmine, if you can hear me open your eyes and say 'I won't leave you guys ever'" I looked away and I heard someone say I won't leave you guys ever. I looked over at Jasi and she smiled at me and I mouthed to her I love you, she reached out and hugged me and all of a sudden everyone in the room was in on the hug. GROUP HUG.

Hey guys

This way a pretty dramatic chapter but thanks for reading. Like favourite and comment


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