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Love, Pain & Hope.
Jasmine has been in love with Louis ever since the X factor started, but she never met him until now. Will everything go as planned or will everyone lose hope?!


9. The Ex Girlfriend

Jasmines POV

As soon as I got off the phone from Louis, my mum called me downstairs and said someone was at the door. So I went and answered the door and I should've known better. Isabella, Louis' Ex girlfriend was right in front of me.

She said to me "aren't you going to invite me in?!" So I gestured for her to come in. She said to me "we should maybe go up to your room for a quick second" so we went upstairs and we sat down on my bed and she said 'so dah-ling, what's you name?!" I answered like I was under a command saying "Jasmine" she quickly responded saying "look here Jasmine, if you go near Louis again you are going to pay, big time!" My mouth dropped, what did she mean, Louis was MY boyfriend. "But look Isabella, Louis' my boyfriend" "not for long" she stood up and left my house. I'm scared.

Louis' POV

Ugh, I have to answer the door, someone's at it. So I got up and went to answer it when all of a sudden I saw Isabella. No, this can't be happening. She's come for revenge.

She started walking up to my room so I followed her.

Isabella's POV

After this Louis will be all mine, so Louis was a little bit behind me when I was running to his room and I knew where his phone was, it was always there. I quickly locked his bedroom door resulting in him being locked out. So I walked over to the charger next to his bed and his phone was sitting right there. So I look up Jasmines name and nothing came up, so then I checked his recent messages and the most recent text was to his 'Bae' so I texted her assuming that it was Jasmine. The text said 'Hey Babe, come over, I gotta show you something, quick!" It was almost like she was waiting for the text and she replied quickly saying "on my way x" so I texted her back saying, "come straight up to my room the door is open!" So I let Louis come in to his room and I heard the front door open. So I sat on Louis' lap and started kissing him. Jasmine ran up the stairs smiling and then dashed into Louis' room and her mouth dropped, it was so funny. Her mouth dropped.

Louis screamed "Isabella, get off me!!" He then looked at the door and saw Jasmine standing there crying, she ran.

Louis POV

Oh my GOD, I can't believe Isabella. She is terrible. Ugh that's, I just can't believe it. So I said to her "get out of my house right now" she shook her head and I said "GET OUT!!" She quickly got up and scrammed. As soon as I locked my house, I drove down the street and I saw Jasmines car parked in her driveway so I got out of my car and ran to her doorstep.

Her mother answered the door and said "I'm sorry Louis but Jasi is a little upset at the moment because of what just happened, I'm really sorry Honey" "But please Sophie, I need to talk to her and get things straight. I promise you I won't upset her. I would never want to hurt her. She is the best thing that's ever happened to me." "Ok Louis you can come in but she might not be to happy"

So I bolted up the stairs and knocked on Jasmines door. She answered crying and said "not now mum" but I gently walked in anyway. When I walked in she gave me the death stare and said "get OUT!" I started tearing up and said "please Jasmine, please just listen I need to tell you something" "what" "Isabella kissed me, when you walked in, I promise you" "and what about those texts" "ugh Isabella is a cow, she must have sent those texts" I cant believe her. "Do you forgive me, please babe, I love you" "and I love you to Louis but you have to promise to never do anything like that again" "promise" "good, and I love you too"

Jasmines POV

So Louis spent the rest of the afternoon at my place and we had a great time. Louis left and I checked my phone and I forgot that I followed Isabella on Twitter so when I looked at my phone I had so many notifications from her all of them were crap about me. She is horrible.


Hope this chapter was good, tried to make it longer and stirred it!! Like favourite and comment

Jas xx

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