Okay? Okay.

Love, Pain & Hope.
Jasmine has been in love with Louis ever since the X factor started, but she never met him until now. Will everything go as planned or will everyone lose hope?!


16. The End

Sammys POV

2 days later Jas died. No one could believe it. The girl who saved every single one of us was no longer here with us.

Jas knew she was going to die someday soon, so she said to me "Sams, the day will come when Isabella will get me for good and I won't be with you anymore so what I really want to do is write Louis a letter for when I'm gone, make sure you give it to him". So she wrote the letter and she told me what it said. It said

Dear Louis,

You have been the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I'm sorry it had to end like this but the thing is, it didn't end, it has only just begun. I will be here with you forever. Please help my mum and Luke, they seriously need the help. It's only them two, they will fall apart so please support them. I'm really stressing and have been for ages and you know that I love you. Please just don't worry about me, I'm in a place I know I'll like. I love you so very much and I want you to know you will always be in my heart.

Love your one and only boo

Jasi xx

I gave Louis the letter and he cried and cried. He ran straight to Sophie and Luke's place and offered to help with everything and anything.

From this we learnt that the unachievable is achievable. And the only thing stronger than pain is love.

Thanx for reading this movella, really tried hard!! Anyway I will hopefully write a sequel some time soon!!!

Jas xx

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