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Love, Pain & Hope.
Jasmine has been in love with Louis ever since the X factor started, but she never met him until now. Will everything go as planned or will everyone lose hope?!


7. The Band

Louis' POV

Oh my GOD, I need to see this band. 4 Seconds Of Summer I think Jasmine said it was, or maybe 5 Seconds Of Summer, Yeah definitely 5 Seconds Of Summer it was.

So I said to Jasi "I need to see them play" she was like "alright, just right through here" so I walked in and saw 4 pretty cool looking guys playing their instruments. And they were really good. As I walked in they looked at me and all their mouths dropped. Literally. All of a sudden the one that was playing the bass said "your that guy from one direction right" "oh yeah, the really buff looking one" we all had a big laugh together. It was really enjoyable.

All the guys seemed really fun and I could tell we hit it off straight away. So they all introduced themselves to me. First of all we had Luke Hemmings, The lead singer, guitarist and Jasmines older brother. Then you've got Michael Clifford, he plays the lead guitar and man, just wow! He also has sick hectic hair. Then you've got Calum Hood, who plays bass and I have never seen a better bass player ever! Finally you've got Ashton Irwin who's on the drums and he's amazing!

Jasmines POV

For some reason Louis really wanted to hang out with the boys, he said their super cool! I think not. Their just soooooo annoying!! But anyway I just let Louis have a little fun, I mean seriously! It's not gonna hurt.

Anyway, everyone slept over but in the morning Ashton said "so Louis is there any chance that maybe we could meet the rest of your band?!" Louis replied saying "in fact, if it's alright with Sophie, Jasi and Luke I will call the boys and check if there able to come now!" So of course we all said the guys could come and I asked Sammy to come so we had a big mini party, it was really fun. We played as massive game of spin the bottle and Sammy was so happy to meet the boys. She was so star struck though. It was so fun

Luke's POV

I seriously thought Jas' boyfriend would be a serious snob but he's a really cool guy. He was so nice and he even invited the rest of his band. I gotta admit I was a little star struck to meet the rest of his band. I'm really happy for Jas, I really do think Louis is the guy for my sister.

Haii guys

I found this chapter really fun to write and I hope you found it fun to read!! Anyway like favourite and comment what you think will happen next!

Jas xxo

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