Okay? Okay.

Love, Pain & Hope.
Jasmine has been in love with Louis ever since the X factor started, but she never met him until now. Will everything go as planned or will everyone lose hope?!


3. Introduction

Louis' POV

OH MY GOD, the girl that I wanted to meet so bad passed out, she Passed Out, She PASSED OUT. Oh my god, what have I done, what have I done?! I have to go with her, so I get into the ambulance with her and the girl she came with.

Sammys POV

HOLY SHIZ, LOUIS TOMLINSON JUST GOT INTO THE CAR WITH ME AND JAS!!!!! If Jas were awake she would be crying and screaming and so happy she met her idol but she has passed out so she's not here to witness it.

I decide to break the silence and I said "oh, um, hi Louis" "Hi Darling, would you care to tell me your name?!" "Oh yeah sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Samantha but you can call me Sammy, I'm Jasmines best friend"

"So her names Jasmine?!" "Oh yeah" "Well she's really beautiful" I thought that we the cutest thing ever!!! I asked him "do you believe in love at first sight?!" He replied with "I sure do"

Louis' POV

On the trip to the hospital the girl that was with Jasmine started talking to me, she was really nice, she introduced herself as Sammy, she also said she was Jasmines best friend. Even saying her name makes me happy.

So I talked to Sammy on the way to the hospital and she said that I was Jasmines favourite out of the band. I tried to play it cool in front of Sammy but I gotta admit I really was happy.

Hello lovelies

Thanks for reading yet another chapter, worked pretty hard on this stuff!! Let's all like this and favourite it please <3

Jas xx

Also really sorry that the chapters are all so short!!

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