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Love, Pain & Hope.
Jasmine has been in love with Louis ever since the X factor started, but she never met him until now. Will everything go as planned or will everyone lose hope?!


6. Family

Jasmines POV

All of a sudden, my brother, Luke came roaring down the stairs "eh, are you the fella taking out my sister tonight?!" "Sure am, is there a problem?" "No problem at all just have Jasi back by 11" so Louis and Luke agreed on it and we left.

So Louis broke the silence and said "so Jas tell me about your family" "sure, um well there's only my mum, my brother and I. My dad passed away when I was 12, and I miss him so much. My mum is the most beautiful person you'll ever meet and my brother Luke is very protective of me but he's also a lot of fun! I guess he's taken on the father role in my life, although he's protective he's really cool he is even in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer" "oh I'm sorry about your father, and I'll have to check your brothers band out sometime!" "Thanx and you really should, their amazing! So tell me about your family" "Alrighty, so there is my mum, my birthdad, my stepdad, 5 sisters and 1 brother. First you have Charlotte but everyone calls her Lottie, then you have Fèlièitiè, then the twins Daisy & Phoebe, and lastly the other twins, Ernest & Doris!"He's so lucky! All I said was "can't wait to meet them"

So then we started driving up a huge hill and I was getting really curious as to where we were going when finally the car stopped.

Louis' POV

Jasmine looked so good tonight, so when we finally got to our destination all she said was "woah". I took her for a picnic on a hill that looks out over the whole city. "It's beautiful" I heard her say.

We were so lucky we got there just in time for the sunset! So I got out dinner, some homemade mushroom and beef pie. Jasi said she loved it, I believed her coz it was damn good.

So all of a sudden Jasmine looked a little sad. I asked her what was wrong and she said "nothing" but I knew that when someone looked that sad, something was obviously up so she said "fine, this is the place that my dad used to take me when I was younger, we used to play and come up for family picnics, we were so happy together" I was shocked "oh my gosh Jasmine, we can leave if you want and I will take you anywhere you want, God I feel bad I jus" she cut me off and said "it's fine, I just miss him, but this is good, brings back old memories!"

So I drove Jasmine back to her place at 9:47 and her mother answered the door and invited me in. She was lovely. She introduced herself as Sophie. So we talked and talked and then Sophie offered me a strawberry tart, I gladly took one and it was amazing. I can understand what Jasi meant when she said her mum was the most beautiful Woman you'll ever meet.

All of a sudden I heard some music playing. Then Jasmine screamed out "Luke shut up!!" I heard a couple of voices yell out to Jasmine telling her to shut up and get lost etc etc I figured it must be Jasmines brothers band and they were really good! Actually that's an understatement they were amazing.


Hope you guys liked that chapter, make sure you like and favourite it!!!

Jas xx

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