My Mate Is A Witch

Emily Williams is a 17 year old witch with bad luck, most of the time, so it wouldn't be a surprise that her mate is a bloodsucking vampire.


2. Chapter One - Mountain High



''Faster.'' I chant in my head as i run. I look behind me to see the man gaining up on me, turning my head to look forward i hit into something hard. I look up to find the same red eyes that haunt my every dream. Vampires.

''Mine.'' He whispers.


BEEP!        BEEP!      BEEP!

I wake up sweaty. Turning onto my side, i read the time on the alarm clock.


''Shit.'' I curse to myself as i quickly get up to do my mornig routine, which consists of picking out a outfit to go to school with and the usual bathroom routine.Once i finished getting dressed i apply some mascara and lip gloss with some blush to my pale skin.

My name is Emily Williams, I have brown wavy  hair that reaches my waist, pale skin and forest green eyes. I have my own apartment that i just moved into, ever since my parents had gotton murdered by vampires i took care of myself. I managed to get a job at a small caf'e called 'Kyle's Caf'e'.

I made my way to the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee. Today is my first day at Mountain High and no, i am not nervous even though my pale skin would draw attention.

Tying up my hair in a messy bun, i grab my keys to my car and house then i lock up before i leave. I made my way to my beautiful baby which is a baby blue lamborghini, turning on the engine, i reverse and make my way to every teenagers nightmare.


Parking my car, i step out and sense werewolves nearby. I cast a spell to hide my true identity as a witch and make myself smell and look human to all super naturals.

I step into the school building and make my way to the office to retreive my time table and locker number. Finally i find the office and make my way to the front desk where an old lady is sittng behind the desk. I take a whif of her scent. Human.

''Excuse me.'' I ask politely with a smile on my face as soon as she looks up.''Hello dearie you must be Emily. Am i correct?'' She asks.''Yup'' I say popping the 'p'.

''Here you are. Your text books are already in your locker.'' She says with a smile while handing me my locker number and time table.''Thank you'' I say politely then i turn around and go on a journey to find my locker in this maze like school.



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