Justin is a bully, maleniah is the girl he bullys and when the come together to be friends, things spiral down, will they be friends again?


1. Info.

  A group of kids are surrounding a huge fight. ''Whoa, someone send this to me, my phone is dead!'' Said a random kid. ''Move, move, I can't see!'' Another one yelled.

  The two girls fighting in the middle are being broken up by teachers, one of the girls noses are bleeding, the other girl is wearing a weird, creepy, smile on her face.

  The girls who had a bloody nose is Melody Copeland, she is sort of in the popular crew. None of them really like her, because she is always running her mouth, and starting drama.

  The creepy smiling girls is Selena Gomez, the girlfriend to one of the hottest guys in school. She thinks she's so cool because of him, but trust me she's not. I'm not even sure if she has any true friends, I know Justin likes her, for some odd reason, but I'm not sure about everyone else. They talk about her nonstop. ''Selena is such a THOT.(That Hoe Over There) She's with Justin for instagram followers, even though, no one wants to look at her. Eww.'' I hear them say in the hallway.

  I guess I should tell you about me. I'm Maleniah, I'm the girl who sits with the quiet and good kids at lunch, I dont want any drama, but I know everything that happens, I'm basically a fly on the wall to everyone but Justin muthafreaking Bieber.

  He bullies me 24/7.  He use to just call me names, but now he hits me, I dont know why he does it and I dont care, I'm too weak to fight back because my father use to beat me, but now he's in jail for robbery so he can't beat me, but he'll be out soon, and I'm scared. 

  How come I didn't tell anyone? No one cares, around here I'm invisible unless I'm around Justin, my friends, or my Aunt Ally. Justin still beats me, but it's better than nothing I guess.


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