They are my Masters


1. chapter one

I'm theirs!

I sat on my bed I was locked in my room once again for misbehaving as he puts it.I was drawing random things on my notebook when he walked in.I instantly got scared."Why can't you just be a good girl?Huh why must you disobey me?" He asked taking off his belt I knew better then to back away from him I started whimpering." No don't daddy I'm sorry."I whimpered more when a knock came to the door I sighed relieved he looked at me smirking." It'll only be worse when I get back Mayson."He said walking downstairs a few minutes later I was called down."Yes daddy?"I asked not making eye contact with anyone."Go pack your things your moving in with these nice men."I looked up seeing four boys."You're-you're selling me?"I said he nodded tears instantly sprang into my eyes.One of the boys noticed and smirked."Come baby doll I'll help you.My names Micheal."he said I looked at my dad hoping he would change his mind."Go now Mayson."I didn't dare disobey.

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