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Oscar and two children find an unconscious boy laying in the woods. They are shocked to find he doesn't have any memory of his past.


1. A boy with no name

The full moon rose high into the sky giving off small bits of light to the forest below. The sycamores grew grey and twisted on the land and their leafless, deformed, branches sprawled out in different directions.

A loud crash boomed through the forest. The nights creatures fell silent, as if Mother Nature was scared to challenge the sound.

After a moment a few rain drops fell to the forest floor, then a few more, until it was pouring but still the animals were frozen in place. None dared too move.

A man walked through the forest, in his shadow were two childern. He snapped the hollow branches that were in his way. The two children weren't as strong and the sharpe ends snagged on their cloths, tearing them as they continued.

A little girl ran to the side of the tall muscular man and lightly tugged his jacket. Any other person wouldn't have felt it but the man turned around. He crouched down to her level and wait for her to say something.

His face was old and scratched but still showed kindness. Grey hair peaked out of a brown hat. He had a thin beard from not shaving for a few days and round glasses. He had a soft smile revealing straight teeth.

"What do you need Emily?" He asked in a calm voice.

"What was that noise?" Emily spoke quietly barley audible for him to hear. The seven year old was shy and she didn't do well around other people.

"That's what we're going to find out." And with that the man stood up to his original height. He continued to walk quickly in the direction the sound had come from. His strides were long. One step from him required three steps from the children.

Emily was small. Her brown hair had been pulled back into two braids. Emily had big innocent brown eyes and a small smile. To keep warm, she had a purple coat, jeans, black winter boots and a red scarf neatly wrapped around her neck.

"What do you think we're gonna find when we get there? Maybe a monster?" The second child muttered trying to scare Emily and succeeding. He didn't know it but he was half right.

"Mason!" She complained trying to shake the idea out of her head. Emily wasn't the bravest person.

After what seemed like a hour of stumbling around in the cold forest, the three came to were the crash had happened.

A small section of the tall trees where broke and their branches littered the ground. In the center of the ruble laid a unconscious boy. He looked about the same age as the other two children.

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