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1. the suffering

The girl who couldn't take anymore, the release of pain from life she longed for, the suicidal thoughts that were from horror moves;came true. Her life was like everyone's worst nightmare come true. Her mother beat her, she couldn't call for help, trapped in her home with the witch who was supposed to love her. Always drunk was she, taking her anger out on her misfortunate daughter. The daughter spent hours at night slicing away at her taunting skin begging to be cut by jagged pieces of glass from the nail polish bottles that her mom broke when she was pissed, yet again. The girl was getting bullied at school. She wasn't safe anywhere. She had to steal her moms money to get food and walk to cvs and a bagel shop. She only ate peanut butter throughout the day. Wondering why she was even born. Who should be put through this much pain like someone slashed open her Heart and poured lemon juice on it as she screamed in pain to stop but they smirked and laughed at her and beat her more. That is what it felt like all the time to the girl. She drank as much as her mother to escape the pain; but nothing worked. To tis day she lives with her grandparents and still cuts because of the memories. Will they ever go away?

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