My Love for 2 Boys

Ella, a casual 10th grader in high school, has been an outcast all of her life. This novel mainly takes place at a camp in the wilderness. Ella has been traumatized ever since her whole family died in a car accident. Her best friend, James, makes her realize what she has left in the world. He is a jock and is the quarterback on the varsity football team. He brings Ella along to every single football game. Matt, the new guy, is a mix of a jock and a nerd. He would go fishing with his father every Sunday's. He shows Ella how to survive in the wilderness. He also shows Ella the reason to live and maybe love.
This novel takes place in the wilderness. These 3 characters sign up for a camp to teach themselves how to survive in the wild. Read the story to find out more.


1. Preface

I locked myself in my room and started crying. I closed my eyes and calmed myself. The picture on my wall is a portrait of my family and I. Or should I say, was.

"Ella will you let me it?" Someone said.

I ignored whoever that was talking to me and walked towards the bathroom. I washed my face and scrubbed it harshly. I looked at my reflection and only saw what was the rest of me. My dark brown eyes glared back at me and my thick black hair was greasy because I haven't taken a shower in a long time.


I punched the mirror and my knuckles began bleeding. I screamed to the top of my lungs and punched the mirror once again.



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