He's a Pervert

Warning: Sexual Content
Calum Hood is the biggest Pervert I ever met!


8. Chapter 7

Aria's POV

It's been a week and I haven't talked to Luke since. Maybe I was being an ass for not letting him utter a word to me, but was I wrong? What happened a week ago was awful. He knew Calum liked me and he did that to his 'best friend' ? Imagine what he could of done to me if things got any further. The thing is now that I think of it, I should've of been with Calum instead. I tried fighting this feeling for the sake of Luke when he didn't even consider Calum's. Calum defended me and if I'm being completely honest I couldn't stop thinking of it or him for that matter. I knew I developed feelings for Calum - I just didn't know they were this strong. The thing is though I don't know what to do. I mean do I just tell him? Despite me not talking to Luke I managed to talk to Calum. It attracted me more to him and now it's to a point where I can't think of anything but HIM! I just want to kiss him and the urge is killing me. After a few minutes my phone vibrated

From Calum:

Hey I'm outside , come out? (; x

I immediately rushed outside slipping on my flats considering it was the fastest way to go see Calum. He immediately smiled as he saw me.

"I've been dying to do something" he mumbled

"What's that?" I asked hoping it was what I thought it was.

"This" he said attaching his lips to mine as I immediately found myself kissing him back as my fingers roamed through hair tugging on it.

"A-Aria" he said

"Hmm?" I asked

"I love you" he stated looking me in the eyes

I looked at him "I love you too" I said pulling him into me closing the gap as I kissed him.


I guess you can say Calum and I are official. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I more than gladly said yes. There was one thing bothering me though. What was I suppose to do about Luke? I guess I would have to find out today. I sighed as the bell rang. Calum softly kissing me goodbye. I went into Bio taking my usual seat......next to Luke.

"So I heard" he mumbled

"Heard?" I asked

"About you and Calum" he said "Michael told me" he finished

"Oh" was all I could let out.

"Hope you're happy" he mumbled

"As a matter of fact I am Luke" I said to him

"It won't last" He said in a deep chuckle

"What is that suppose to mean" I asked

"Aria I get what I want" he smirked


Hey guys sorry it's crap next one will be better (: also I've got this great idea for a new movella & I was wondering which boy would you want to read about ?






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