He's a Pervert

Warning: Sexual Content
Calum Hood is the biggest Pervert I ever met!


7. Chapter 6

Aria's POV

"Who's Julie Calum?" I asked yet again

"It's not my place to tell you" he muttered

"Well you kinda did now spill"I said annoyed at the fact he wouldn't tell me.

"I was told never to speak of her by Luke so sorry Hun. Now go ask you're Empire State Building of a boyfriend instead" He said annoyed and with that he left.

I walked into the cafeteria making my way towards the guys table. They all excluding Calum looked up.

"Hey babe" Luke said making his way to kiss my lips , but I turned away so he would kiss my cheek.

"Ouch" Michael and Ashton mumbled.

"Did I do something?" Luke asked

"Will you be honest with me?" I asked

He nodded "Of course I will baby" Luke responded

"Who's Julie?" I asked as his eyes widen as well as Michael's and Ashton's. Calum just stood there looking at his phone.

"Umm no one important" He said avoiding eye contact with me. The boys just shook their heads.

"Luke" I said

"She's no one okay? We dated but that's it" Luke said still avoiding eye contact with me.

"Hah!" Calum laughed "you're such a liar Lukey" Calum said irritated.

"What's with you lately?" Luke snapped "you don't even talk to me as you use to anymore. The only person you seem to talk to is Ashton and now this?" Luke said angrily

"You know why Hemmings" Calum muttered

"Is it cause I took Aria from you? Hah! She likes me you dumbass better accept it" Luke said angrily at him.

"You knew I fucking liked her and went for her. That's not what a friend fucking does Hemmings" Calum said his anger boiling.

"And what are you going to do about it Hood?" Luke challenge

"Luke stop!" I said to him.

"You want to know who Julie was? Well fine she was my fuck buddy. I said I loved her but I didn't and I cheated on her. Is that what you want to hear?" Luke spat angerily at me

"Don't fucking speak to her like that!"Calum yelled at him.

"Shut up Calum you ain't going to do shit" Luke said annoyed, but boy was he wrong. Calum punched him.

"Fuck" Luke muttered holding his nose where Calum had socked him.

They just looked at each other angerily.

"Calum lets go" Ashton said to him.

"No Ash I'm fine" Calum spat

"Fuck you Calum" Luke said getting up to leave.

"Are you coming with me?" He asked

"Go fuck yourself Luke" I said to him.

He looked away leaving.

As he left I stared at Calum. He tried not looking directly at me.

"Calum" I spoke

"Yes?" He said still not looking at me

"Thank you for you know. Defending me" I smiled

"I'd do it all the time if I had too" he said looking up smiling at me.


If you shipped her with Luke , don't kill me 😂 , but cmon Caria is meant to be 😂😂

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