He's a Pervert

Warning: Sexual Content
Calum Hood is the biggest Pervert I ever met!


6. Chapter 5

Calum's POV

I looked up at my bedroom ceiling. My music blasted through the room playing Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin. I tried coming up with a plan to convince people I'm not actually what I seem. 

Ashton and I called it: The Absolutely sure way to get Calum know as something more.

One problem though. We had no clue what to do. I grabbed my school supply. I headed out the door meeting with Ashton.

"Morning Cal" Ashton chirped

"Morning" I replied bluntly

"Think of anything yet?" He asked

"No Ash, you?" I asked hoping he would and my thoughts were answered.

"Yup and it's more than brilliant" Ashton smiled popping out his dimples

Indeed it was.


Aria's POV

I headed outside as Luke was waiting for me at my front door. He looked up from his phone smiling as he saw me.

"Ready to go?" He asked

"No I'm just standing out here for no apparent reason" I joked

He smiled biting his lip ring as he did.

"You're so beautiful" he mumbled

My cheeks immediately turned into a dark shade of pink.

"Shall we goith to school mi lady?" He asked lacing his shoulder with mine as I began to laugh at his cuteness.

Once we reached school we were met with Calum and Ashton. I sighed. I didn't want to admit it to myself that I liked Calum because I know if I did , it would make the situation more real than it is. His new nearly dyed blond streak of his hair just was insanely hot. I can't be thinking this!

"What you thinking bout babe?" Luke smiled towards me

"Oh nothing" I chuckled , but through the corner of my eye I could see Calum smirking and I hate the fact that it was a turn on. I should focus on Luke I reminded myself.

The bell rang and thank god for it. I had Bio & with Luke not Calum.


After a few periods it was finally lunch. I went to my locker putting my books away. I sighed as when I closed it I saw Calum with a girl.

"Don't judge a book by its cover" my ass

But thing is I was wrong. I may or may not be ease dropping oops.

"Look Amanda you're the most popular girl in school and you keep this ongoing thing now just tell everyone the truth" Calum said

"And why should I?" She snapped

"Glad you asked , well you drunk horny ass sent Ashton nudes and you see if you don't say the truth well this photo here will be sent out to the entire school" Calum smirked showing her the photo

Her eyes bulged out "what do you want Calum ? A blowjob cause I'm happy-" he cut her off

"I told you what I want" he said annoyed

"What happened to the pervert cal?" She asked shocked

"You and you're slutty friends know damn well he never existed. No should I press send or?" He asked

"Okay okay fine. I'll tell the whole school the truth" she said on defeat rolling her eyes.

She stormed off angrily.

Once Calum looked up he saw me. Ohh god no.

"Did you hear?" He asked

I nodded "yeah I did" I admitted

"I told you, yet you didn't believe me" he said looking into my eyes as to see if it actually mattered to me and it did.

"I'm sorry" I said trying to avoid his gaze.

"It's okay" he breathed out standing so close to me, I could feel his lips move.

He leaned in closer to me and as much as I was tempted I knew I couldn't.

"I'm sorry Calum, Luke" I said to him looking down.

He looked at me angrily and also hurt.

"You know what okay. Just don't be coming back to me as once as he breaks you like he did with Julie" He said and I could tell that he regretted once he said it.

"Julie? Who the hell is Julie?" I asked


Hey guys hope you like it. Can you guys please check my new fanfic ? It's called "I found you" it's cake , but it has a little Muke in it too.

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