He's a Pervert

Warning: Sexual Content
Calum Hood is the biggest Pervert I ever met!


5. Chapter 4

Aria's POV

"I can't do this Calum" I said to him "I like Luke" I continued I looked up at him for a moment to see his hurt expression. "You know I always liked you, I never had the courage to talk to you. Yes I get if you don't believe me. I get that you've heard all this things , but you know what I'm tired of being know for a fake reputation. When I said I don't like girls like you, I meant girls who believe in rumours like that. A part of me thought you were different, but it was wrong" He replied walking towards the door. He looked back a moment "and so are you"he replied He left me confused. After a few moments I walked out the room to find the lads laughing their ass of at the movie playing in front of them, well all except for Calum and at the moment I felt horrible. He was right I did judge him. I am like all those other girls, but if he didn't want that reputation why didn't he stop it ? There's no point in understanding Calum Hood. He was impossible. One moment he's a jackass, the next he's making out with me, and then he actually shows feelings. I was so confused and zoned out that I didn't even notice Luke calling me. "You okay babe" Luke said I flushed at the 'babe' part "Yeah I'm fine" I assured him. He smiled at me as he motioned for me to sit next to him and as I did he put his hands over my waist , kinda like a seat belt. I blushed as he kissed my forehead making my cheeks a darker shade of pink. "Who's the one blushing now?" Luke smirked I smiled as he did the same, he kissed my cheek. "I really like you Aria" He said his blue orbs looking at my green ones. "I like you too" I smiled as he quickly pecked my lips and as soon as that happened I felt Calum get up and leave.

Calum's POV

I felt mad. No furious. Its all Amanda's fault she's the one who started this bs. She said I touched her and that I harassed her, when in reality she's the one who grabbed my hand and placed it in her boobs. I never harassed that bitch and she knows it, but I can't just give her all the blaim because I don't stop the rumours. I mean don't get me wrong at first I was furious and denied everything, but later I gave up. Girls actually were talking to me more. Although they did the same thing Amanda did. That's why girls annoy me. But when I saw Aria, I thought for a moment she'd actually see past the labels , but she's just the same as the others. I went to the bed and screamed in the pillow. "LIFE BLOWS" I yelled into it. "Mate you okay?" Ashton asked walking in. "No Ash. I'm not. I just wanna meet someone who hasn't already 'heard' of me. Someone who doesn't believe all the shit thrown at them." I said in anger "Look mate, you put this on yourself. I know all this shit is a lie, but you do nothing to stop it. So stop whining about it and do something about it cause last time I checked its not gonna just come with you sitting there" Ashton said to me He was right all I ever did was complain, but it's like anyone's gonna believe me right? How does the known "Pervert" of the school get people to believe he's not really a pervert? "You're right Ash and I really want to show her , I'm not who she thinks she is" I said to him. "Her?" Ashton smirked "Does Calum have a cwushy wushy" Ashton teased "Shut up" I said slightly punching him in the arm. m Aria's POV I felt bad. Bad that I was making out with Calum minutes ago and know here I was cuddling with Luke. "You okay there beautiful" Luke asked "Yes Luke I'm fine" I told him for about the billionth time, but truth is I wasn't fine at all. I felt horrible, like a cheat. I was confused because I have to admit to myself that I actually enjoyed kissing Cal, but I couldn't tell Luke that so I found myself lying to him. "Just making sure" He said kissing the tip of my nose. He slipped his arms around me pulling me closer to him as I layed my head in his chest feeling his heart beat. He spread his arm so he could get a hold of my hand and hold it. "Aria you're amazing I can't believe I'm laying here with the most beautiful girl on the planet" He smiled kissing my lips slowly which made me feel even more worst about the past events with Calum.

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