He's a Pervert

Warning: Sexual Content
Calum Hood is the biggest Pervert I ever met!


4. Chapter 3

Aria's POV

He slid his tongue in mouth begging for entrance which I wouldn't give. He grabbed my bum causing me to gasp taking his chance to let his tongue explore my mouth. He moved his hands slowly around my waist and began to let his lips roam my neck. I finally found the courage to push him off causing to fail since he was much stronger than I was.

"Get off me!" I yelled out at him

"We both know you like it babe" He said seductively in my ear

"I didn't come here for you" I said trying my best efforts to get him off me "I came here for Luke" I continued as I finally got him off me.

"We both know I can get you to moan my name louder than Luke ever can" He said smirking.

"Pervert" I said to him

He let out a chuckle "That's a new one" He said sarcastically "Very original" He continued laughing

"Whatever" I rolled my eyes at him

After what felt like forever the boys finally came back.

"Sorry for the long wait hope Cal wasn't that bitchy towards you" Luke apologized

"Don't worry about it mate. I didn't do anything she didn't like" Calum said earning a shove from Michael.

I rolled my eyes yet again. Maybe coming here was a mistake.

"Umm I better get going" I said to them

"No you just got here" Ashton said

"Yeah!" Michael joined "Just stay for a little while" Michael continued

"Yeaah pweaaase!!" Luke begged

"Fine" I said in defeat

"Yaaay" Luke cheered grabbing my arm and leading me to I'm guessing was his dressing room

"See here?" He asked

"Yeah" I replied

"Here's were I get naked" He smirked

I let out a laugh "TMI" I said

"You're cute when you laugh" He said and then began to turn red after realizing what he just said

"Thanks and you're cute when you blush" I replied

"I'm not blushing" He argued covering his face with his hands

"Oh really?" I asked

"Yeah" He replied sounding like a 5 year old.

"Can I take your hands off your face then?" I asked

"No you can't" He replied

"And why is that Lukey?" I asked

"Because" He said

"Pweaaase" I begged

He moved his fingers a little so that he can see me "Fine" He huffed

I giggled at how childish he was being. I then grabbed his hands and removed them from his face. "Aww Lukey you were blushing" I smiled

"Shutup" He said placing his hands on his face again.

I began to laugh. I stopped laughing as Calum came into the room.

"Umm Luke we need your Netflix password to watch 'The Lego Movie'" Calum said awkwardly

"Okay let's watch it?" He asked me

"Sure" I replied

We exited the room with Luke taking the lead. As I was about walk out the door Calum stopped me turning me around and locking the door behind us.

"We have some unfinished business babe" He smirked as kissed me roughly and when I didn't kiss back he began to moving his lips around my neck. He returned his lips back to my mouth biting them causing me to yelp a little in pain as he slid his tongue through my mouth exploring every single bit of it.

"I know you like this" He said right into my lips so I can feel every word coming out of his.

"Stop Calum" I moaned a little

"Ohh come on you can say my name louder than that" He said as his lips began to roam my neck. He kissed every single spot until he ound my sweet spot and sucked it leaving a mark. I bit my lip trying so hard not to moan.

"Just let it out babe" He said as he dragged me to the sofa near by.

He got on top of me as he began to kiss me tugging at my shirt.

"They're gonna know we're gone" I said as he continued kissing down my neck.

"And?" He replied



Hope you baaabes liked it (; LOVE YAH !


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