He's a Pervert

Warning: Sexual Content
Calum Hood is the biggest Pervert I ever met!


3. Chapter 2

Aria's POV

I just finished watching Luke and his band play. Other than the fact they have Calum in it, they were really good. Once they had finished playing Luke had come over to me.

"So what did you think?" He asked

"You guys were amazing!" I replied

"Glad you think so" He smiled "Would you like to go backstage with me? I'll introduce you to the losers of 5 Seconds of Summer" He said while giving me a playfull shove.

"Why not" I said shoving him back

I walked behind me as he lead me backstage.

"Hey give the cookie back Michael!" One of them said to I'm guessing is Michael

"Never!" Michael shouted as he shoved the cookie in his mouth earning a sock from the boy who yelled before.

Luke cleared his throat. "Umm guys we have a guest" He said awkwardly.

They both looked in my direction.

"Well hi there I'm Ashton" said the blonde boy who know is named Ashton. "And that cookie eating bastard" He said pointing at Michael "Is Michael" He continued giving a cute small laugh.

"Ahh yes I'm the cookie eating bastard" Michael chuckled "And your name?" He asked

"Aria" I replied

"Ahhh Aria, Luke has told us so much about you" He said looking at Luke who was standing there awkwardly "You know I think Lukey has a crush on you" He whispered but loud enough for Luke to hear.

"Michael!!" Luke warned

"Yes Lukey?" Michael asked innocently

"I need to talk to you." Luke said a little annoyed "Stay here, I'll be right back" Luke said to me as he left with Michael.

"So Ari, do you play any instrument?" Ashton asked

"I play the bass and guitar" I replied

"Ahhh like Cal" Ashton said "You really have to meet him. Wait here a sec" Ashton said

I rolled my eyes the last person I wanted 'to meet' was Calum.

"What's so important?" I could hear an irritated Calum ask

"Come on dude" Ashton said getting Calum to finally make his way over here

"Who are you?" Calum asked unintrested

I rolled my eyes "Aria" I said not looking up

"And why are you here?" He asked with an irritated voice

"Calum!" Ashton yelled "Be nice" He continued

"Whatever" Calum said rolling his eyes focusing his attention towards his phone.

"I'm sorry for his tone. He just got dumped" Ashton apologized

"It's okay" I replied not really caring.

"I'll be right back. I'm going to look for Muke. They're probably arguing" Ashton chuckled

"Muke?" I asked

"It's Michael and Luke" Calum said with irritation in his voice.

"What's you're problem" I said

"My problem?" He asked looking up from his phone

"Yes do I need to repeat it?" I asked fully irritated from his addittude.

"My problem is girls like you" He said anger directed towards me.

"Like guys like you are any better" I scoffed

"Say that again babe" He said anger in his voice

"Like guys are you are any better" I repeated

"Guys like me are better cupcake" He said leaning towards me before I knew it he leaned in and kissed me.



Well beauties I hope you like this chapter!!! xx


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