He's a Pervert

Warning: Sexual Content
Calum Hood is the biggest Pervert I ever met!


12. Chapter 11

Aria's POV

I woke up with Calum's arms wrapped around my waist as I snuggled into his chest. We mumbled a few "I love you's" to each other. I truly did love Calum, more than anything. Did it scare me? Nope, not one bit. I just want to be with Calum for the rest of my life and nothing or no one will take him away from me. That's what you think Aria I snuggled closer into his chest as I held him tighter. 

"Something wrong babe?" He asked groggily 

"I'm just worried" I told him honestly, I could never lie to Calum. 

"What about princess?" he asked

"I'm just scared Cal, I don't ever want to lose you" I told him and for no valid reason. I started crying. I don't know why, but something felt off. I couldn't put my finger on it, but one thing was for sure it wasn't good. I sobbed into Calum's bare chest as he rubbed circles behind my back.

"Shh Shh princess, it's going to be okay. You'll never lose me no matter what happens I'll always find my way back to you. I love you too much to let you go okay?" He said

"Okay" I told him moving my face up to his. He wiped my tears with his thumbs. He kissed my cheeks softly.

"I fucking love you Aria, I would never let anything or anyone harm you" He told me. We'll see about that Calum. 

"You promise?" I asked 

"I promise" He told me Tssk Tssk Calum, you shouldn't promise things you can't keep. That just sends false hope to Aria.

He cupped my cheeks with his hands. He kissed my lips gently and within seconds it turned into passion. I tugged at his hair as held me closer to him. Our lips moved in sync as my hands traveled to his bare chest. We pulled away in order to breathe. He pecked my lips gently. My eyes wandered to his bare chest. I traced my fingers over his tattoos. He let out a slight moan. 

"We should get going to school" He told me

"Can't we just stay home" I pouted

"I would love to stay here with you, but we both know we can't." He said

"Okay Dad" I said to him

He bit his lip "C'mon let's take a shower" He smirked

"Together?" I asked a bit in shock

"Why not?" He winked 

"Not gonna happen" I told him (it gets sexual right about here, just warning you)

He rolled his eyes "It's not like it's anything I haven't seen" He winked "C'mon pweaaase" He begged and pouted

"Ohh you know I can't say no to that cute face" I told him kissing his pouting lips gently. He smiled as he took my hand inside the shower.

He turned on the shower and I felt warm water pour down my back. Calum grabbed the shampoo and poured it on his hands. 

"Turn around" He told me

I did as said as his hands roamed around my hair. He washed my hair gently and I let out a few moans. Who knew simply having Calum wash my hair feel this good. Once he finished he grabbed the body wash. I felt the smirk on his face. He turned me around so I was facing him. He poured the liquid down his hands and rubbed them together. He began to wash every part of my body slipping his hands down my private. I moaned as his fingers slid inside me. He kissed the crook of my neck as his wet lips made their way to mine. He kissed me passionately and pushed me against the shower wall. His fingers still inside me moving them as he moved his lips against mine. "Calum" I moaned 

"Yes princess?" He asked in between kisses.

"I'm gonna cum" I told him

He got down on his knees "Go for it" He told me as he pursed his lips against my vagina. I totally lost it as he sucked me clean roaming his tongue sending me crazy. After he was finished he brought he wet lips to mine and kissed me roughly. I grabbed the bar a soap and whispered in his ear "my turn"


tbh I didn't plan on it being sexual but well I was looking at my posters of Calum and well this happened cx & there's going to be a huge thing happening soon and well be prepared is all I'm going to say LOVE YOU LOADS


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