He's a Pervert

Warning: Sexual Content
Calum Hood is the biggest Pervert I ever met!


2. Chapter 1

Aria's POV

I walked down the hallway seeing Calum Hood flirting with the new girl. If only she knew what a perv he was. I rolled my eyes as she giggled to everything he said twisting her blonde hair in her finger. He leaned into her grabbing her ass and kissing her. Suprisingly she didn't take his hand off. Slut.

"Hey Ari" Abby said coming to my side

"Hey" I said bluntly too focused on Calum and the blonde hair slut

"He's a fucking Perve" Abby said

"Tell me about it." I replied

"Come on Aria, forget about the perv that is Calum.Focus on Luke Hemmings he has the hugest crush on you and face it Ari he's hot!" Abby exclaimed

"He doesn't Abbs and even if he did he's friends with Calum. Meaning I'd have to see Calum much more often" I replied annoyed

Yes Luke is hot. He's smart, nice, and HOT. The thing is he's best friends with Calum and I just can't stand him. He's such a perv and guys like him annoy me.

"Can't you just make nice with Calum?" Abby asked

"Did you just hear yourself?" I replied laughing

"Yes I did. Come on Aria it's not like you guys have to be best friends, but I mean you're letting him stop you from being with Luke" Abby said

I rolled my eyes. She had a point. I had to make nice with Calum.

"Whatever" I replied going to my locker getting the books I needed and slmaing it shut.

"Hey there beautifull" Luke said standing by my locker

"Hey Luke" I replied as we began to walk to Bio.

"So listen, I'm in this band and we kinda have a gig tonight. I was umm wondering" He paused moving his hand behind his hair "if you'd like to come?" he asked

I thought for a moment "Sure I'd love to Luke" I said

"I thought you'd say no" He sighed

"Why would I do that" I laughed a little "You're Luke Hemmings" I said playfully punching his shoulder



So here's the first chapter hope you like it!

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