The Bad Boy

Rachel is moving to Sydney, Australia and she is so excited. The day she arrives she sees her neighbor. He is tall, blonde, and his name is Luke Hemmings. She is told by her new best friend Layla not to fall for him. Will she? Read The Bad Boy to find out.


9. The Questions

Rachel's P.O.V.

An amazing rush came through my body and I let Luke touch and kiss me. After 1 minute of this, my brain snapped back into reality and I said, "Are you crazy Luke I will never be your sex toy." I grabbed my towel and ran to the room with all my clothes.

I sat in my bed and started to tear up but I stopped myself and got dressed. I went back into the living room and watched Calum play FIFA. Layla brought me to another room and asked me what was wrong. I said nothing and we went back to the living room.

Calum and Layla went to the bedroom and I was stuck alone with Michael, Ashton, and Luke. Ashton asked, "So tell me about yourself Rachel." I said ok and, "I have an older brother, my favorite band is Blink-182, my parents are at work all the time, and I-". I was interrupted by Luke asking, "Are you a virgin." I said, "Um why the fuck do you care." He said, "Because if you are I want to be your first." I responded with, "I will never have sex with you Luke."

Layla and Calum came out of the room and I told her that we should probably leave. She agreed and we walked out the door and drove back to my house.

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