The Bad Boy

Rachel is moving to Sydney, Australia and she is so excited. The day she arrives she sees her neighbor. He is tall, blonde, and his name is Luke Hemmings. She is told by her new best friend Layla not to fall for him. Will she? Read The Bad Boy to find out.


23. The Action

Rachel's POV

We had to go back to school after Thanksgiving break and I wasn't looking forward to it. I did finally convince my parents to let me move on with Luke so we live together now. He woke up by jumping on the bed. I took a shower and got dressed. Luke drove us to school in his mustang and we both went to put lockers.


I was talking to Calum when I turned to corner and saw Luke doing something that I never thought he would do.

Sorry this is soooo short I will add more to this chapter later today💕💕

I turned the corner and saw Luke kissing the school slut Brianna. I saw that and ran out of the school crying. Calum chased after me. He said, "Do you wanna stay with me, Ashton and Michael's house." I said sure. We still had to go to class tho. At the end of the day Luke ran up to me and said, "RACHEL I've been looking for you I promise you it's not what it looks like please believe me please I love you don't leave I-I-I can't live without you." I angrily said, "SAVE IT LUKE IF YOU LOVED ME YOU WOULDN'T HAD KISSED HER SO JUST FUCK OF HEMMINGS.". I saw a tear drop go down his face. I didn't care did I. I don't even know he told me he loved me how could he do something like this.

I went to Luke's place and packed a bag of stuff. I also brought my razor along with me. Once I got to the guy's place I told them I was going to take a shower. I turned the water in and I started cutting deep into my wrist. I thought to myself How could he do this I guess people on Twitter were right I'm just worthless and Luke doesn't love me. I should've known this because nobody would ever love someone as ugly and worthless as me. I guess I was just hoping that he could prove me wrong.

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