The Bad Boy

Rachel is moving to Sydney, Australia and she is so excited. The day she arrives she sees her neighbor. He is tall, blonde, and his name is Luke Hemmings. She is told by her new best friend Layla not to fall for him. Will she? Read The Bad Boy to find out.


7. Sexy Run

Rachel's P.O.V.

When I woke up it was 9 in the morning . I texted Layla to pick me up at 11 and we would go to her house. She said ok and I decided to go for a run. I put on a sports bra and spandex.

When I went outside Luke and his friends saw me and they whistled at me but I kept running. Luke and his friends caught up to me and Luke grabbed me and said, "If you don't want me then why did you dress so sexy." The dirty blonde boy said, "You look hot." I ignored him and grabbed Luke's hands and pulled them off. I said, "I wore this to go running, not to impress you and your little friends. Why don't you just leave me the fuck alone." He responded by saying, "I wanna fuck you so I'm never gonna leave you alone until your mine." I ignored him and put my headphones in and started running. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 9:30 so I decided to go back home.

When I got home it was 10. I jumped into the shower and made sure I was clean. When I got out it was already 11:45. I picked out black skinny jeans with ripped knees and a black tank too that said, "Hakuna Matata". I decided to let my hair dry and leave in my natural waves. I got a text from Layla that she was outside. When I walked downstairs I called for my parents but then I remembered that they worked 7 days a week. I went outside and got into Layla's car.

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