The Bad Boy

Rachel is moving to Sydney, Australia and she is so excited. The day she arrives she sees her neighbor. He is tall, blonde, and his name is Luke Hemmings. She is told by her new best friend Layla not to fall for him. Will she? Read The Bad Boy to find out.


21. Cutting, Sex, and Luke

We got to the restaurant and we talked the whole time and Luke asked me if I wanted to spend the night. I said of course and we were on our way home. When we got home we both changed and cuddled on his bed while watching tv. Luke fell asleep and my phone vibrated. I got a text from a mysterious number that said, "Stay away from Luke, no body likes you you are just a worthless piece if shit that Luke will never love he's just using you for sex." I was about to break down crying when I remembered Luke was there. I carefully got out of bed making sure not to wake him up. I went to my house and took something out of the drawer that I promised myself I would never use again.

Btw did I mention that I used to cut.

I never told Luke that. I went back to his house and locked myself in the bathroom and I started cutting deep into wrist. I got all of my sadness and anger out and there was blood on the floor. I was crying and I heard Luke get up. He walked to his bathroom door knocked and said, "Babe what's wrong why are you crying." I didn't answer I just kept cutting and crying. Luke got the key to the bathroom and I didn't realize that until he opened to door. He gasped and said, "Rachel what the hell aw you doing why are you doing this." I dropped the blade and started crying more. I felt like I was gonna pass out. Luke helped me up and wrapped my cut and laid down on the bed. He looked me in the eye and said, "why would you do this to yourself baby." I told home to get my phone and I showed him the text.

He gasped and engulfed me in a hug. He said, "Rachel I do love you and I'm not using you for sex. You aren't worthless or a price of shit and whoever says that deserves to die. I fell asleep in his arms. He woke up before me and he thought I was asleep and he walked out of the bathroom wearing NOTHING. I started laughing and he looked at me and turned red as a tomato. I said, "No need to blush I like what I see."

He came over and we started making out. Since he was already naked he started taking my clothes off. He started kissing my neck and went down to my boobs and unclipped my bra he kissed down my stomach and took my sweat pants off. He took my panties off with his teeth. He started sucking me and it felt so good. Once he finished sucking me he got up and grabbed a condom. I sucked his dick and he was moaning so much I put the condom on. He laid down and I went on top of him. He went inside me and I started to grind on him.

Once we finished I laid on top of him and he whispered into my ear, "You give the best sex babe." I giggled and we started making out.

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