The Bad Boy

Rachel is moving to Sydney, Australia and she is so excited. The day she arrives she sees her neighbor. He is tall, blonde, and his name is Luke Hemmings. She is told by her new best friend Layla not to fall for him. Will she? Read The Bad Boy to find out.


17. All Nighter

I texted Luke all night I looked at the clock and it was 7 in the morning. I was glad that it was Sunday and I told Luke that I was going to sleep. He texted back saying, "it's seven am you should be waking up not going to sleep." I responded and said, "goodnight love you babe." He said, "love you too baby."

When I woke up I heard my parents wake through the door. It was only 8 so I pretends to be asleep. They came in and saw that I was sleeping and the didn't wake me. I quickly fell back asleep and the next time I woke up 2 in the afternoon. I got seven hours of sleep and I felt so refreshed and rested. I texted Luke, "morning BÆ haha." He said, "Haha goodie min got you to."

I went downstairs and saw my parents left a more on the counter that said, we are sleeping honey we were so tired see you later if you want to go to Luke's you can." I was happy so I texted Luke and he said to come over. I took a quick shower and I got dressed.

Sorry for the short crappy chapter. I will be posting more tomorrow. Thanks everyone for all the reads. I hope you like this story!!!!

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