Pathogen Z

Rae and Ellie aren't your typical teenage girls. They wield guns and knives designed to kill the undead. Follow them through their journey of death and tragedy into their days to come.


3. The New Fort

The darkness was split down the middle by an opening in the trees. Skyscrapers reached for the sky while digging their bases in the dirt not sure where they wanted to go. The car continued forward, easing past the cold breeze that knocked on the window begging to come inside.

“Slow down. That’s the fort.” James pointed towards a large apartment complex. It was five stories high and  very wide.

Looking at it, it seemed empty. Not a soul dared to enter or be noticed.

“Are you positive this is it-” Ellie tried to say before James reached over and pushed on the brake.

Rae turned to James. Her loose brown curls were pulled up into a tight bun. Her cartilage piercing had a black stud connected to a chain that hooked her regular piercing. Her light pink lips were pulled into a tight smile that expressed her anger. Her hazel eyes flashed into James direction.

“Get your hand off my foot.” Rae hated being touched by anyone. She could hardly deal with receiving help from Ellie.

James immediately moved his hand and shoved them both into his pockets.

“I apologize. The thing is I need to be in the drivers seat. The entrance is right around the corner and you guys will need to be my hostages or they might..”

“Might what?” Ellie placed her hand on his shoulder, forcing his attention on her.

“Bandits own up to their name. A majority of them are male, and females are hard to come around. They would act on their human urges and they would.. they would rape you. They’d take you to a dark place and shatter your innocence.” James voice dropped an octave.

Ellie batted her blue eyes a few times before looking over at Rae. Rae unlocked the door and walked over to the passenger side.

“Well are you going to move over or no?”
He quickly jumped over the divider and into the drivers seat. His knuckles grew white against the wheel as he forced the car to lurch forward. The speedometer reached an amazing fifteen miles per hour before Ellie broke the silence.

“You suck at driving. Just pull up to the gate already.”

James turned left into the grey parking lot and stopped the car in front of the iron gate. A small group of zombies, hardly capable of keeping their heads up, were scratching at the doors. Traces of blood and decaying skin was left on the iron. A small man on the other side of the gate looked up at the car and gave a small signal. James returned it. The man then let out a small sigh before he pulled out a knife and started stabbing the zombies in their heads through the frames of the gate.

One by one the zombies dropped. The small man then pushed open the gate leaving enough room for the car to just barely squeeze by. He then pushed the gate shut. It locked with a large ‘thump’ marking its official security.

“Well I’ll be damned. I thought you’d be dead, boy. We sent you on what we here call a suicide mission. Now- Who might they be?” His attention turned to the two girls.

“Hostages. I don’t want anyone to touch them-”

“Know your place,boy.” The threatening tone slithered from the tip of his tongue as he took a step towards the car.

“I’m well aware of it. Check the trunk of the car.”

The small man hobbled over to the back of the car and popped it open. A gasp escaped his mouth as he let the corners of his mouth pick up.

“Supplies n’ women!” The man let out a loud whistle in which three burly men responded by crawling out from their hiding spots. The men then gathered around the car.

“Go get Henry. I think he might wanna have a look at these here girls.” One of the big men ran off into the darkness of the apartment complex . It was like a brick man openings its mouth to its unwelcomed inhabitants.

Out from the black mouth came a tall man hunched over on a cane. His head was covered by small remnants of grey hair. His body angled like a candy cane, his forehead creased with age that tumbled over in folds. When he saw the small car loaded with supplies his mouth opened wide exposing a mouth much like a piano. The black keys being where his teeth should have been. He managed to scoot his way to the car. He opened the doors and pulled us out.

“James, I could not be any happier. Please take them down to the basement.” Henry laughed as he grabbed James by the neck in a playful grasp and pushed him.

Rae and Ellie were pushed in between the two men. Their hands cupped the whole width of their arms. Ellie looked up at the man’s rugged face. He looked back down at her and gave her a smile that rattled her soul. She didn’t want to be here anymore.

Rae looked around, analyzing the whole area. Bricks upon bricks stacked high up to the ceiling that seemed to go on for miles. The apartment complex’s basement had very slim windows that were layered in dust that did not allow the light to shine through. At the end of the wide space was a small jail made out of metal fence. In one of the cells was a small girl. Her short curly hair was matted on her head. Her small hazel eyes seemed as though they had been crying for days.

Rae and Ellie remained silent as they walked by her. There were three cells. Rae was put in the middle one while Ellie was placed in the cell on the far left of her.

The little girl started to shake and scream.

“Hey, shut your mouth before I bash your teeth in with a mallet.” The man had sharp eyes that did not show a hint of weakness, but a warrior.

She stopped moving and squirmed as she pressed herself against the wall.

Rae looked over at the little girl. “What’s your name?” She asked.

The girl slowly shifted in the darkness of her confines as she whispered her name “Angelina.”

“My name is Rae.” Rae placed her hands through the bars reaching to the girl.

The girl moved into the light and shook her hand. The 'Angelina' was small and stripped of her clothes. Her eyes showed the pain she bore in her time of being here. Her small body revealed bones just beneath her skin that were layered in bruises. Bruises and places they should never belong.

Rae whispered in a tone barely audible “Are you James sister?”

Angelina nodded in approval.

“Well I have good news. We’re going to get you out of here.”

Angelina smiled and let her little tears flow down her rosy cheeks. The clear water created small passages through the dirt, streaking her face. Rae took off her Maryland sweatshirt and passed it through the bars to the girl.

“Thank you.” She grabbed Raes hand and squeezed it in her own after sliding the small sweatshirt over her body. It fit more like a dress.

Rae flashed her gaze over to Ellie who gave her a nod of approval. Time to carry out the plan.

“Fuck you. I don’t have time for this. You sick pieces of shit touched this innocent girls body and soiled it with your hideous hands. I should cut you into pieces and feed you to the dogs but even that is too good for you.” Ellie yelled at the man.

“What the hell did you just say to me!” His anger had reached the breaking point of his small scale.

“Eat shit, you scum!” Ellie was now standing as the guy approached the bars

“The little girl is whining about how she hasn’t gotten any attention.Why don’t I show her how a real man treats her. I’ll show you just like I showed Angelina. I'll give you lots of attention.” The monster then licked his lips as he stuck the key in the hole and opened the gate

Rae could only watch what was going to happen next and hope that it was going to go according to the plan.

The man walked in and pinned her against the wall. His rough tongue tasted her flesh like sandpaper on granite. Ellie reached into her pocket and held the small sewing needle. As the man slowly unzipped his pants Rae caused an interruption.

“What are you doing!” Rae screamed as he turned to face her. Ellie plunged the needled into his throat. Blood drizzled out coating the cement floor. His hand went to grab the needle only for her to shove it in deeper. Ellie then kicked him in his manhood and bashed his head against the bars. He squirmed against the cold cement in his own puddle of blood before she slammed her heel against his temple, to deliver the finishing blow. Then there was silence.

A rattle of the keys signified success.

“Alright lets go.” Ellie said.

“Go where?” Henry stood in the passageway to the stairs and he looked angry.

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