Pathogen Z

Rae and Ellie aren't your typical teenage girls. They wield guns and knives designed to kill the undead. Follow them through their journey of death and tragedy into their days to come.


4. Newbie

His candy cane back stood up straight revealing a six foot seven male. His cane was unsheathed to reveal a sword. He flung it into the wall barely missing the right side of Ellie’s head.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

The words fumbled in both their heads. “Why do you want us here?”Ellie blurted out as she placed herself in front of Angelina.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Rae looked to Ellie who was sweating from her near death experience. Time to step in. Rae untied her bun and then walked towards the sword.

“Old weapon for an old man.”

“Sharp tongue for a dead girl.”

Then in a split second Rae had her knife in her hand and lunged forward towards him, her long curly hair bounced with every step. Henry blocked it with another knife, most likely hidden in his sleeve. He then angled himself to the side and hit her in the chest with his elbow. Henry repeated to jab her in the chest with his fist.

“RAE!” Angelina screamed as she rushed forward to Rae who was laying on the floor.

“I don’t like killing people, but it looks like I’m going to have to…” Rae coughed before getting up.

Rae stood up with the glimmer in her eye that meant only one person was going to be walking out of here. And it wasn’t going to be Henry.

She gripped her knife in the sweaty palm of her hand for fear of letting go and drifting into the darkness known as her mind. Henry sprinted towards her holding his knife. Its jagged edge sliced the air with an whistle, It came down cutting Rae’s shirt right down the front. Her shirt tore in two and he smiled that terrible smile. Anger flooded Rae’s normally tan cheeks. Her knife twirled in her palm and glided across his chin. Blood gushed out. Rae ducked down and slid through his legs and kicked him in his lower back. Henry flew forward and hit the brick wall. Rae then charged at him with the knife, Henry moved quickly so that the knife would break against the wall. And it did.

Rae jumped back as Henry swung the knife by her stomach. She grabbed his hand and bent his wrist backwards and slammed his hand against her knee. Then she took her thumb and forced its way into his eye socket, passed the squishy ball that was then turned into soup. Blood poured out as he let out a terrible shriek.

Rae removed her thumb that was covered in unidentified flesh. The meat caught under her nail as she threw Henry down to the ground. She smashed the heel of her Timberland boots against his cheek to deal the finishing blow.

Little Angelina vomited at the actions of the savage that was meant to be her savior.

Henry laid there bleeding from his chin, cheek and eye. Rae quickly looked away.

“Let’s go. Now. Please.” Rae was torn by her actions. Killing the dead was necessary. Killing the living was never unavoidable.

Angelina hopped on Ellie’s back as they climbed up the stairs. A nearby clock told that it was four in the afternoon. Time sure goes by when the only thing you can hear is the sound of your blood pulsing in your head.

Ellie peered around the corner to see a group of men surrounding a fire in a trashcan. James and another boy our age were conversing. For some odd reason James flashed a look over to where Ellie was standing and his eyes opened.

“James what are you looking at ?” The boy next to him said.

“Come with me.”

“Where to?” James flashed him a look that said ‘no questions asked.’

Rae quickly covered her chest with her hands as they walked over to the hallway and the boy let out a gasp. He wasn’t looking at the girls, but past them. He looked at the mangled up body and then back at the girls.

“Which one of you did it?” His face was full of horror.

“Me.” Rae stepped forward and sheathed her knife. She collected her hair back into a bun and let out a long sigh, the bruises on her neck were visible and small cuts on her chest were noticed. She was a canvas painted in the blood of her enemies and the bruises of herself.

James looked to Ellie only to spot little Angelina clinging to her back. He gently pushed Ellie out of the way as he scooped up his little sister. Angelina cried into her big brothers shoulder as he fought back his own tears. His face showed desperation, relief and thankfulness. His eyes turned over to us as he mouthed ‘thank you.’

“Sorry to mess up the reunion, but we need to get out of here. Now.” Ellie said as she tugged on his shirt.

The boy that was still standing there introduced himself.

“I see you’ve met my cousin, James. I’m Brandon.” They looked nothing alike. Brandon was an inch taller with blue eyes and black curly hair. His cheeks were showered in freckles and his teeth were perfect, and white. He was all out attractive, James was attractive but Brandon was even more so.

“I’m Ra-” Ellie interrupted as she shoved her hand towards him.

“I’m Ellie.” He shook her hand as he made a nervous chuckle towards the ground from embarrassment.

“Alright let’s go.”

Brandon went up to the guys and told them about the zombie horde that was about to break through the back door. It was needed that all men go because Henry 'ordered' them to do so. All the men got up, gathered their weapons and sprinted towards the back building. All except one.

This man about thirty years of age sprinted towards the hallway. He ran so fast, but Rae was even faster. She placed her arm in front of her and clotheslined him. He dropped so hard and so fast that his head hit a nearby pipe, knocking him unconscious.

Brandon looked over at the lightly tanned, curly haired, hazel eyed, ear piercing cluttered girl before him and smiled. She looked over and made an awkward smile as well.

“Holy shit. She smiled. Dude you made her smile. How the hell did you make her smile. This must be a freaking miracle sent by the non-existent gods before us.” Ellie started to bow down showing that she was still just a teenage girl. James laughed so hard he snorted.

They then moved from the hallway to the front door where the gate was. They all sprinted out of the building and out to the little car. Rae hopped into the driver seat as James tossed her the keys. James, Ellie and Angelina slid into the back with barely enough room to breath. Brandon sat in the passenger seat with his head scraping the roof.

Rae forced her foot onto the pedal lurching the car backwards. Then she shifted gears into forward and jerked the wheel in a hard circular motion. The car was moving towards the large gate. She braked hard before the car came into contact with the thick metal. Brandon quickly jumped out and opened the gate. The men from before ran out from the side towards the car. Rae reached over the divider and flung the door open.

“Get in.” She said strongly yet calmly.

He turned towards the car and forced himself to move forward faster, faster, faster up until he was in the passenger seat with his seatbelt on.

The undead started flooding into the gates as Rae turned out of the parking lot.

Don’t look. Don’t look. Don’t look.

Rae couldn’t help but look into the rearview mirror as blood gurgling screams pleaded for help as their esophagus was torn in two by the jaws of the undead. One by one the sound of guns dropping to the pavement marked the official death of the savages.

"Take my jacket for your.. um.. chest region?"

"Wont you be cold?" She asked hesitantly.

"I have another one underneath, plus a girl like you shouldn't just be exposed like that. I also noticed you gave your sweatshirt to my little cousin which was very kind of you so here-" He slid off his Monroe Leafs Varsity Football High School sweatshirt and plopped it down on to her lap. She slowly stopped the car and slid it over her small frame.

"Thank you." Rae looked forward at the long unmaintained road.

"So where are we going?" Angelina chirped.

"We're going home."

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