Albus Potter and The First Year

Albus Potter is about to have his very first year at Hogwarts. The only things he has to go off are the stories his dad and mum have told him and the many lies James has told him. He doesn't know what to expect he just knows he needs to stick by his cousin and his only friend. //There are no OC's//


1. Train Ride and Sorting Hat

Albus sat in the seat next to his brother James, his cousin Rose, his friend Scorpius and some other random kids who needed a seat. Tucked in his pocket were his wand and a few galleons and sickles his father had given him for some treats. He sat back in his seat reading a chapter book about vampires that he’d gotten from a used book store in London. Even though his brother constantly told him the stuff in this book were fake, he found interest.

The train moved slow and felt smooth along the tracks. Rose sat silently staring out the window next to her and James was making friends with the kids who were sitting alongside him and Scorpius. James ignored everyone and kept his eyes glued to the book. Before too long he felt the seat next to him become empty then filled in a matter of seconds.

“Whatcha reading Potter?” Scorpius asked, getting next to Albus ear. Albus flinched and placed the book in his lap, placing his thumb where he’d left off. He looked over at Scorpius who’s hair was no longer sleeked back and his face held a smile.

Albus rolled his eyes and looked at his book, “Nothing you’d be interested in Malfoy. “ He then picked his book back up and began reading once more as if he’d never gotten interrupted. Scorpius sat back in the seat and pouted slightly. Unlike his father he wasn’t stuck up or unfriendly.

“Why don’t we call each other by our first names? You can call me Scorpius and I’ll call you Albus? Deal? “ Albus put his book down and placed the small bookmark his sister had made him in between the paged. “You’re not going to let me read are you?” Albus sat his book next to him and stared at Scorpius.

Scorpius leaned forward and shook his head, “I’m not going to allow my best friend be unsocial like he was in Primary School. “ Albus gave him a dirty look and slouched in his seat.  “I was not unsocial.” Everyone in the booth got quiet and stared at him. James started laughed and Rose gave him a funny look.

James smiled and patted his brother’s leg, “Al… Saying you weren’t unsocial is like saying… Well it’s like saying Dad’s old stories aren’t interesting. It’s just something you don’t say. “ Albus’ face turned red and he sank more into his seat. After a long moment everyone went back to talking and Rose went back to staring out the window.

Scorpius gave Albus a half smile and then started to talk once more. “Do you have to use the loo? “ Albus nodded even though he really didn’t. He just wanted to get out of the area. Both boys stood up and made their way through the small walk way to the bathroom. There was a line built of 4 students; some carrying their uniforms in hand and some just waiting to go to the bathroom. Scorpius and James stood in silent in line waiting for their turn. By the time both were done a load of people had shone up with their uniforms waiting to change.

Both boys made their way back to the booth and found everyone had already changed. Rose must have left for a moment to allow the boys to change quickly. Scorpius and Albus decided it’d be best to go back to the bathroom and change into the proper wear, as it was soon time to arrive at Hogwarts.

They changed rather quickly and made their booth once more. Everyone was back to talking and the boys took their seats. Albus didn’t even try picking up his book again because he knew Scorpius would talk to him again.


The rest of the train ride was consumed with Scorpius and Albus talking and bringing Rose into the conversation a few time.

[Sorting Hat]
Every first year waited for the great hall doors to open. Some stared at Albus and mumbled things and other just made small talk with the person next to them.  Scorpius stood with a smile on his face looking at everything around them. “It’s better than dad described it…. What do you think Al?”

Albus paid no attention to what Scorpius had said and just nodded, “ Yeah... brilliant. “ Scorpius made a face and stepped in front of Albus and frowned. “What are you thinking about?” Albus pushed him over and tried to ignore him. He didn’t want to say he was worried about being a Slytherin, especially not to Scorpius.

When the doors opened they stood in rows of two and walked down the middle of the great hall. Inside were 4 tables lined up with the students year 2-7. Albus spotted his brother but didn’t smile or do anything. There was a small amount of chatter coming from the students as the first years walk in but it all stops when they pile into the front of the hall.

A women that was explained to be the head master and head of the Gryffindor house stood before the students holding a parchment of paper, next to her sat a stool where a hat sat upon it. She told the students that they were meant to come up when their names were called and they all understood.

Albus waited his turn as each student got called, soon Scorpius had his name called and he sat upon the stool. The hat made no hesitation calling our Slytherin, as his father was put in that house too. When Scorpius went to sit down he smiled at Albus and then made his way quickly to one of the last seats.

Albus was one the last few to have his name called. He walked slowly to the stool and took a seat. The hat didn’t speak or made any movement. But a moment later Albus heard a voice speak in his head.

You’re rather special aren’t you boy…..” Albus looked around and no one seemed to be looking at the hat but rather Albus. That’s when he realized the hat was in his head. “You’re Harry Potter’s youngest Son. You have the irritation of your father and his curiosity…. But this can be discussed later… For now we must figure out where to put you.” Albus stared at the door and then realized maybe he could talk to the hat if he thought.

Why are you talking out loud like you did with the other children?” The hat began laugh and spoke in a hushed tone, “Because, we’re meant to have our secrets that no one else must know. “ The hat paused and began speaking again. “Now dear boy, you must think you need to be placed where your brother is and where your father and mother once were, but that’s not true. “ Albus spoke allowed, “What do you mean? Where are you placing me? “

The hat spoke loudly and Albus’ face turned pale. “Slytherin.”

Loud cheers came from the Slytherin table and James sat with a surprised look on his face. He honestly thought that his little brother would be placed with him. The hat was taken from atop Albus’ head and he stood up and walked to the table, Scorpius had moved so he could sit next to Albus and he smiled at him. “So we’re roomies now aye?”

As soon as Albus took a seat he was back up and running down the hall. His stomach had turned and he couldn’t hold in the small amount of food that sat in his stomach. Not before long he found a toilet and puked up whatever was in him.

When he was finished he wiped his mouth was a square of toilet paper and stood up to flush the toilet. He heard someone run into the bathroom and expected James but when he opened the stall he saw Scorpius standing by a sink waiting for him. “Are you alright mate? Saw your face turn white and you were off. “

Albus nodded and walked to the sink and washed his mouth out with water. “I tried chasing after you but I got lost. Took me a while just to realize some of those doors aren't even real. “Scorpius thought talking might ease the moment.

“I’m gonna be known as the boy who puked on his first day. “ Albus whipped his mouth with a paper towel and threw it into the trash.

Scorpius smiled, “Well… You did say you didn’t want to be known as the son of the boy who lived. “Albus couldn’t help but smile at that. Scorpius laughed and Albus grabbed his sleeve and they began making their way back to the great hall. 

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