A Gizzy Gazza Story

A young gamer girl meets a geeky boy called Gary, everyone calls him gizzy.


1. In love

Holly's P.O.V

Walking into school for the first time, the bell scared me. i was home schooled and i wasnt use to this sorda thing, then i met this guy, sort of. i bumped into him. "Sorry." with his super sexy british accent.

Gary's P.O.V

I bumped into this really cute girl. ive never seen her around so shes probably new to the school so i asked her. "Are you new here?" she was super shy but i wanted to know her so bad. she looked into my eyes and said "yes, whats your name?"i told her my name and my number  and she gave me hers and i really liked her!!!

Holly's P.O.V

"He was so cute.." i wrote into my diary interrupted by my phone being called i picked it up  and answered "hello?" "Its me Gary do you wanna do anything over the weekend??" he asked. "sure what do you wanna do?" I asked. "Do you play minecraft by any chance?" he asked. "Yes thats my favourite game ever!!!" i shouted down the phone. "come to my place on saturday to play LAN." he replied. "kay cool." i cant bileve it!!!!!!



Gary's P.O.V

Cib was messing everything and Holly was about to come. "Cib help me clean or get out!!!" I shouted and he jumped up and started to clean.

Ding Dong

Shes here Get out!!!!!


i ran to the door so happy to see her beautiful face. 

After a while of playing minecraft she had to go and she went to the doorstep and i looked into her beautiful sea blue eyes and kissed her softly her lipswere like a toasted marshmallow.



Writer's Note:

Hope you enjoy my new book <3 check out gizzy's channel here >>>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHJEU52X1zlv80dzfc3sYUg

Enjoy <3

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