Short Stories!

Here are some short stories that I might later turn into full fledged stories... but for now each chapter is a new small section of an Idea that I have for a story.


1. Kidnap

  I pulled my car into the ironic drive way...the black paved asphalt path was huge and the old home that it lead to was small for around these parts. You could say Bishopwood was a rich people town, houses towered over others as if a competition. Most residents here were surgeons at the nearby cities' large hospitals, unfortunately the family who lived here were denied a career there, the mother is jobless and takes care of the 3 kids and the father is a 8th grade math teacher in Ridge City. I've been keeping track of the struggling family for a long time, and only recently has the third child been added, Uka, a 3 month old with pale skin, fluffy red hair and sapphire blue eyes. I've been watching the father, a mysterious man, my organization wants me to ask him a few questions off a crumpled piece of  notebook paper that I have yet to read over, I haven't been informed why I must target him, That makes me a wee bit nervous. I need a leverage to make him talk... I know that the kids are alone for just fifteen minutes, the mother took the one most valuable to me with her, Uka, I'll just have to capture the oldest, Yainna.


   The air was cold and crisp, the orange sun rested on the tree lined horizon I glared down at my large wrist watch, 7:12 pm, 13 more minutes. I peered into their window the sisters both sat on the couch, Yainna was flipping through pages in a new book and her younger sister, was scanning pictures of her baby brother on her tablet. Cecia turned nervously toward the window and I quickly darted from it. I saw her round freckled face glare out the window curiously her usually bright cheerful face, turned as pale as a porcelain doll. Crap she saw me! She sped from the window to her trusty sister yanking on her arm squeaking loud in her 8 yr old voice. 


  I knew it was now or never, I busted the parents bedroom window wide open, I fumbled in to the tidy bedroom. A surprisingly large  TV sat on a beautifully carved table. A king bed stood proud on the opposite wall than the TV, it had a marvelous black and white flowered bed spread and a black lace curtain like thing draped gracefully. I yanked my gray hood over the deep brown tuft on my head to shadow my masculine jaw and cocoa eyes. I pulled a pocket knife from my satchel and tossed the bog onto the bed, I wasn't going to hurt the kids only scare them...hurting isn't why I'm here, I'm here for a way to make dad, Edg, talk. I took a deep breath and began to make my way down the hallway I heard Cecia yelp.


  "Jeez Cecia, stop being a baby! No one is here, a cat knocked over a glass! And stop tugging on me its annoying..." Yainna returned a pink headphone into her dainty ear and stared at her book, her lips pursed with the words.  Both burst into full fledged screams as I sauntered into the sad living room, browning walls, dust, ripping sofa and the most dulled windows  ever. 


  "Shhhh young ones, for I'm not here to harm you, I only need to borrow you, may I please?" The girls eyes widened, both darted into the same room, weird I expected them to run in to opposite directions, or to a door,so I could capture Yainna, alone. "Do not make this more complicated than it has to me, young maidens, I do not wish to put this weapon into use" I approached the bland creaky door "Yainna please come with me, I assure you if you do, your father will not be harmed in the process. Yainna stepped out from inside a box and stood board stiff. "Ahhh good girl" I could see that annoyed the new teen, 13 yr old. I stepped in and opening my arms welcomingly. A wave of darkness swept over Yainna's face I knew something was up.


  A 3 and a half inch jagged kitchen knife plunged into my lower left side, I tried to curse at the wielder but I only gurgled and I saw out of the corner of my eye, a small figure with the knife, Cecia! She twisted the blade 45 degrees I sputtered, pain spiraled in all directions from the wound. Cecia ripped it out at the new angle tearing at more flesh, scarlet blood oozed from my mouth and wound I dropped to my knees and coughed up blood and saliva. Every thing went black and I crashed into a near by card board box. 


  I regained consciousness I blinked and Edg was staring down at me with disgust.


  "Really Ghin, my kids!?" His deep blue eyes, identical to his kids flared with rage. I managed to make a crooked smile through the miserable pain.


   "You know me Edg I wasn't going to hurt them, I needed you to answer somethings for me..." I croaked and pulled out the paper it was completely unreadable soaked in deep scarlet. I growled in rage and returned a failed, despairing glare to Edg. He got on his knees.


  "Face it, you and your "group" aren't getting anything from me, tell that to your fellow "Cleaners" isn't that what you call your selves "Cleansers Of the Earth" in hell Ghin"  He stood up and stomped my chest as hard as he could the impact nearly killed me instantly.


  During the instant I was still alive I managed to cough, "We are going to Kill you Edg even if your family will be sacrificed in the process..." He just narrowed his eyes and shook his head evilly and after that second I felt light headed the pain from my chest and abdomen disappeared, I thought it was a miracle, but I gasped for air and my eyes rolled into my skull, Satan is coming for me now... 




































































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