Isabella has been friends with 5sos but she starts to fall for Luke and ....... Read to find out xx ~ isabella (ik my name lol)


14. you left

Kevin's pov

It's been a hard few weeks I haven't McKenna in a few weeks now. I think she doesn't like me now I think she is starting to like someone else now I don't know who tho!

Isabella pov

Me and Luke made up. Yay. I love him I can't stand being mad at him. I think we both were in the wrong.

"Hey love" Luke said kissing my cheek while coming in to the living room

"Hey luke" I said to him smiling at him and blushing a little

"Awe your blushing" he said

"No I'm not okay" i said

"Stop guys" Ashton said

"What" Luke said

"You are being lovey dovey it hurts seeing people like that you know" ash said

"Sorry" me and like said

Michaels pov

I walked in the living room and sawed luke and Ashton and Bella

I gave Luke a look he knew what it was

Luke's pov

Shit I need to tell Ashton

"Hey ash can I talk to Bella please" I said

"Ya of course" he said he got up and left the room

"Bella I need to tell you something" he said

"Yes" she said

"We are going on tour for 1 year and u can't come" I said

She started too cry a little.

Then she got up and went to her room

"We are leaving tonight" is the last thing I said

That's night

(In England)


"Bye guys" I said to the camera

"Hey joe" I yelled

"Yes Caspar" He said

"I'm about to leave to Australia" I said I grabbed my stuff

And left

(In Australia)

Calum's pov

We made it to the airport

"Flight 1994 to LA aboard" the speakers said then we left

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