Isabella has been friends with 5sos but she starts to fall for Luke and ....... Read to find out xx ~ isabella (ik my name lol)


2. truth or dare?

Luke's pov

I laughed at how Calum how to wave his hand in front of isabella I wonder what she was daydreaming about

"What?" I said

"We have to go they are closing down" ash said

I looked at my phone

"Damn time flys" I said

"Yup" the boys said

*back at home*

"Let's play truth or dare" Ashton said

"Okay" we all agreed

"Ashton go first" Bella said

"Calum truth or dare" Ashton said to cal

"Dare" cal said

"I dare you to lick Mikey's face" Ashton told cal

"Eww" Mikey and Calum said

But he did it anyways I looked over at isabella she was laughing she sawed me looking at her she smiled

"Calum your turn" I said

"Okay Luke truth or dare"

"Is it true you like isabella" blushed madly she did too

"Yes" I whispered

A/n cliffordhanger lol xo~ Bella

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