Isabella has been friends with 5sos but she starts to fall for Luke and ....... Read to find out xx ~ isabella (ik my name lol)


6. this can't be happening

Ashton's pov:

Ugh I'm just so mad that McKenna likes this new whats-his-face guy. How could she do this to me.

Everyone is at Luke's house. Me, Calum, Michael, Isabella, McKenna, and they even invited Kevin over.

I kept shooting Kevin dirty looks.

I saw Kevin staring at McKenna, and McKenna looked over and smiled. I'm thinking about breaking up with her. I just don't know...maybe their is someway I could get her back.

"Hey what's wrong buddy!" Micheal asked me.

"Nothing..." I said

"I think it's because Kevin over here is trying to steal his lady" I heard Luke mumble, loud enough for Kevin to hear. McKenna blushed.

"No I am not!!" Kevin said defensively. "I didn't even know they were dating!" Kevin said giving McKenna an upset look. Haha I thought.

"Maybe I should just leave," Kevin said angrily.

"Maybe you should!" I got up.

Kevin walked out.

"Isabella can I talk to you in the kitchen?" McKenna said, giving Ashton a furious look.

"Sure, be right back Luke." Isabella got up and followed McKenna.

Boy I blew it.

McKenna pov:

I'm am so mad. Ashton can not just treat people like that. If that's how he thinks I'm going to choose him, he's got another thing coming. I'm so breaking up with him.

"So....." Isabella said, not looking directly at me.

"Ugh. Ashton can be such a jerk!" I said. "Kevin probably hates me now!"

"So are you breaking up with Ashton?" Isabella asked.

"....probably." I hesitated

"Me and luke are going to get pizza after everyone leaves, tell me the details then." Isabella says.

"Okay." I agree.

Micheals pov;

McKenna came back out. "Ashton, I need to speak to you." She said not seeming happy.

"Whatever." They walked to the kitchen.

I went into the kitchen to get a soda...I know I shouldn't have been snooping but...I peeked around the corner of the kitchen door.

"So I was thinking about telling Kevin that I don't like him and I'm dating you, but now that you acted like a jerk I think it's time I end things with us." I heard McKenna say.

"But, babe I'm sor-" McKenna cut him off.

"We're over, Ashton. I'm breaking up with you."

Kevin's pov:

I really liked McKenna and I thought she liked me but, I didn't know she had a frickin boyfriend.

There was a knock at my door. I opened it. It was her...

"Hey I'm sorry about what happened earlier, Ashton was a huge jerk, so I broke up with him. Can I come in?" McKenna said.

"Sure." I opened the door wider. She stepped in.

"Nice home." She said.

"Thanks..I guess. I'm still not done unpacking. So you really broke up with him?" I asked.

"Yeah..besides your the one I wanted to be with anyway." Mckenna blushed.

I blush . "Really? I feel the same way I mean..." She leans and kisses me on the lips.

A/n shout out to shawnmendesfiance thanks!

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